Chapter Twenty-Six
"You have a visitor, Your Highness." One of my servants said (wow, I've never been able to say that before- MY servant.)
"Thank you, Abigail. Send her in." (I'd made an effort to learn the names of all of my servants.)
Abigail grinned slyly. "Your Highness, it's a BOY." She giggled. "And a handsome one, if I do say so myself."
My eyebrows shot up. "Okay, then. Send HIM in please." Abigail scurried out of the room in a fit of giggles.
Soon, in came Adam, looking very shy, and holding some a bouquet of flowers. I tucked my hair behind my ear and looked at the floor.
"These are for you." He said, thrusting the flowers in my direction, and also studying the floor. Silence.
"Listen, Adam, I didn't handle things very well with, you know, the Nicolette thing and whatnot, but I'm really sorry and. . ."
"No, I was wrong. You had enough on your plate without me creating a problem."
"But you weren't a problem!" I protested. "I think I may even. . ." I took a deep breath. Was I really saying this? "I think I may even love you."
He looked up for a second, then blushed. "Ditto." There was a pause. "So that means you didn't mind me kissing you?" he asked timidly.
"Not really." I grinned playfully and walked toward him. "But remind me what it was like again. . ."
At this point I was less then an inch away from him. We were just about to lock lips when a familiar voice shouted from the corner, "Get a room!" I turned to see Double Fudge leaning against the frame of the door with his arms crossed. He made annoying kissing sounds.
"I have a better idea." I said, and slammed the door in his face. He muttered and complained from outside.
"Now, where were we?" I asked Adam, and he gently pulled me into a kiss. I had other visitors that day, too. Nicolette came to say she was sorry for causing so much trouble, and that she had her eye on another guy in Whiddlebirch, so Adam was all mine.
"I didn't like him very much anyway." She said, though this was pure nonsense and I did detect a hint of jealousy in her tone.
Also, Double Fudge came to pester me about kissing Adam, and Peter and Ethel came to say hi and congratulations, and then Double Fudge came to pester me about kissing Adam some more.
Witch Fran was looking around the palace nostalgically and telling no one in particular all her memories of what had happened when she was a young princess in that very room. She was overjoyed, because I had made her one of my important advisors and let her live in the palace with Beth and me.
I sent police to arrest Lady Gwen for the murder of my grandparents, the old king and queen, but she fled from them. I doubt we'll ever hear from her again.
In the end, I guess you might say that everyone got what they deserved (although maybe I didn't REALLY deserve to become queen of a small country).
So, as I was sitting down to record all of this, I was about to title it, "The Talking Frog that Ruined my Life". But, taking a second to think, I realized that in the end, everything did turn out okay. So, the title you see is, "The Talking Frog that QUITE NEARLY Ruined my Life".
Maybe fairy tales aren't as far fetched as I thought they were. I mean, I think it's more likely for some princess to let her hair grow to a ridiculously unpractical length than it is for a talking frog to come up and lead you on some mystical journey, ending in your coronation. Especially if you're as ugly as me. But the strangest thing about my story, by far, is that it ends with a "happily ever after".
THE END Author's Note: AHHHH! I'm done! I can't believe this! What did you people think? If you're going to miss Rebecca and Double Fudge and the rest of these crazy characters, don't despair! I will, too, so I'm working on a sequel right now. Thank you to all my lovely reviewers who have so faithfully reviewed the chapters of the story above. I couldn't have continued without all your wonderful support and advice! (Sorry, I'm getting REALLY corny). Anyway, in the meantime while I start this sequel, PLEASE read and review my other story, The Laundry Room Dramas. No talking frogs or pink haired witches appear in it, but I hope you'll like it anyway. I love you all!