Veiled Freedom
Why so dreary O' little bird,
When just yesterday you were cheery.
Why the tears now little bird?
Don't make your life all bleary.
Don't tell me, hush my little one,
Let me pinpoint what is ailing you.
Perhaps what you want can be done,
Else, I'll caution as to why not to.
Your eyes, I see, are cast skywards,
As if you miss the mistress freedom.
I believe you, like other birds,
Wish to not be held back in asylum.
I've let a number of your kindred go,
But you I fear are too special.
You, O bird of truth, are sought so,
Yet eschewed by numerable.
I fear for you, my dear friend,
That you will not be received,
Instead you maybe shot,
Or worse yet used to deceive,
Those I care for, a lot.
I know not when I can release,
This bearer of adoration,
I know not when the receiving trees,
Will embrace this elegant creation.
Huang Yen Khai©2003 All Rights Reserved.