why does life
always have to be like this
you're walking around
acting like i don't exist
well i don't fucking care
'bout what you've put me through
'cause this is a song
dedicated to you

you put me down
when you see me glad
you're the friend
i wish i never had

before you came
i had the perfect life
now it's full of hardship
agony and strife
the cuts and the bruises
are memories of you
i hate you for everything
that you put me through

you are comforted
when i am in pain
your smile is gleaming
as teardrops turn to rain

teardrops falling
till they hit the ground
all the emotions
gently scattered 'round

pain, hardship, agony
you caused all this strife
the pain is just too much to bear
today will end my life

as teardrops turn to rain...