Hi People...Sorry this is not a story yet. The next chapter will be though. This will be my first story here on FictionPress, so wish me luck...But I will give you the first few passages of my story and when you read it please tell me what you think of it...Is the concept good...is my grammer and spelling all right...is my style of writting all right...

Mozart's Requiem

By Corrine Hensley

"Kat! Hand me that copy of 'Mozart:the music'" Marie and Catherine stood in the music store looking for sheet music to perform for the upcoming recital. The sun shown in the the dusty old windows of Mr. Peter's music store. The old cherry wood bookshelves were cluttered with rows after row of music for pianos, clarinets, harp, and any other possible instrument that could ever be in a symphony.

"Now don't tell me that your going to attempt one of his concertos" Catherine said mockingly. "Who said I couldn't, we do have time to hire a small orchestra" "Marie! For all I know you would probably play upside down and backwards if you were aloud to." "Hey, thats not a bad idea..."Marie trailed off. "Shut up!" Catherine said playfully "you damn show off!". Marie still looking over each phrase in the sheet music, replied "Come on...with talent like I have, who wouldn't want to show off"she said laughing a bit "Geeze, Just kidding Kat. You are just as good as me" then she mumbled "five years ago." "Marie! I heard that!" "Okay! no more I promise...I swear" "Swear on what, Marie?" Catherine said with a raised eyebrow. "I swear...I swear..I swear on my Piano!"Marie said with satisfaction. "Oh, WELL then...then your promise is pretty damn trustful if you sweard on you piano." "you better believe it!" Marie replied.

"Are you ready yet?" Catherine asked impatiently. "Yeah, I think I'll play one of the marches from 'The Marriage of Figgaro'" "Okay, well lets get these things paid for."

Marie and Catherine were friends since they could remember, or atleast since 6th grade. They were both 17 right now and only a month away from graduating out of high school. Catherine was a tall skinny girl with a dark eastern european tan. The kind of tan that you would imagine on a gypsy in the stories of fortune telling and riches. Her hair fell in chocolate colored wavy curls slightly past her shoulders. She donned a pair of black worn out ankle cut converses, a pair of jean shorts and a black tee shirt saying weezer. Marie was as equally tall and skinny as Catherine. She had light skin, if she wanted to it could be a golden olive color but she thought it too time consuming and tedious to sit out in the sun and wait for the golden hue. Her hair was a light golden brown that nearly reached her mid back. Today she favored the levi jean look also with converses and a Olive green long sleeve shirt.

"Mr. Peter, we're ready to pay for the stuff now." Catherine and Marie stood by the classically carved counter where and old cash register stood...To be continued