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"Here, this will be your chambers. Freshen up and I will be back in half an hour to introduce you to the princess." With that The Frauline turned and closed the doors.

"Sweet!" Marie exclaimed as she ran to a couch in the living room and threw herself apon it.

The apartment consisted of two bedchambers, a salon, a library, kitchen, and Dining room.

"Marie! This is like a dream come true!"

"I know, and I'm still afraid it IS but a dream!" Said Marie.

"Marie, these are our only cloths and we don't have any money. What are we going to do about that?"

"Hold on Man, We're getting money for working for the brat and in turn we'll buy cloths." Said Marie.

"So we're supposed to wear the same thing for a week?" Said Catherine standing and pointing at her red dress.

"Ohh yeah, hummm. I wonder if anyone has left any cloths in the Wardrobes?"

They ran towards the wardrobe and threw open its mahogany doors. Before them hanging on the rack were dresses, every color imaginable. Five wigs wear placed carefully on the top shelf while the draws held undergarments such as leggings, shawls, Muslim dresses and night shifts. Then, to top it all off six pairs of shoes sat on the bottom shelf.

"Son of a gun!" Was all Marie could say.

"How the hell did we get all of these?" Catherine said, her eyes still glued to the dresses.

"I don't know, but we shouldn't tell anyone because they might actually belong to someone who forgot they left a whole clothing department in a serving maids wardrobe."

The dresses the girls wore where still presentable despite the fact that this morning they were lying in the alley, so they voted not to change from them for their meeting with the princess seeing they where still quite unfamiliar with how all the undergarments where arranged.

There was a light rap on the door. Marie got up from the white cushion chair she was lounging on and turned the brass handle.

"Ahh, Frauline Theresa, Come in." said Marie as she motioned to Theresa to step inside the apartment.

"Madame, I have come to take you to the princess." Said the Frauline, trying hard not to meet Marie and Catherine's gaze.

Catherine seeing the fraulines shyness replied with "Oh yes, come, show us the way." Acting snooty and in return receiving a slight smile from the meek servant.

The two followed Theresa making sure to remember where their apartment was so they would not get lost among the various hallways and corridors when heading back.

"So Frauline Theresa, what exactly are our jobs while serving the princess?" Asked Marie while trying to keep up with the swift maid.

It was quite hard to walk fast in the garb Marie was wearing if one had never worn a corset before.

"Well, you will be waiting on her pretty much 'hand and foot'" Before Marie had the chance to say anything else they stopped in front of two and gold guilded doors.

The Frauline opened the doors, behind those two doors was a spectacular room with white marble pillars and elaborately embroidered chairs, tall windows stood at the far wall letting a golden sunshine pour over the treasures of the gathering room.

No sooner did the three enter the room a sound was heard from what must have been the solon.

Muffled voices were heard from behind the closed doors.

"But I don't want to learn about old dead men who ruled a country I have never even BEEN to, and I don't care to go there ether!" yelled a young feminine voice.

The voice that replied to her was of a mans with a distinct French accent, "But your highness, Your uncle demands it!"

"I don't care! What does he know about what is good for me! He always has his nose baried in papers and official documents!"

"Madame," the male voice replied "I would advise you to not question the authority of the Emperor."

"There is no way I am to be married off to the French in return for an alliance! He already has his sister, My aunt, as the queen of that horrid country, what other alliance does he need there?!"

"Your Highness, I give up! As of now I am no longer under your service! I shall take this up with the Emperor!"

And with that the doors to the solon flung open and out walked a man in his late twenties with dark curly hair pulled back with a brown ribbon, He donned a brown frock coat and brown pants that stopped just above the knee.

The three just stood there in shock of the whole scene. Before the walked out of the door he tipped his hat. "Mademoiselles."

The three absentmindedly tipped their heads in return as the man left.

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