Senior year. . .
The year we transition from child to adult.
As we move through the year, we grow anxious.
We wonder if we're truly ready to move on.
Or if we will cling on to support a bit longer.
Each day is a new experience,
A new memory to cherish forever.
Our friends and classmates go with us.
And yet we feel alone.
But we're not.
No matter what happens, we still have our memories.
Freshman year signaled the last stage for childhood.
As we progress, we accept new responsibilities.
Many of us have known each other forever.
Others have just met us for the first time.
But no matter which, we all know each other now.
I hate to leave this school
Because of friends and teachers,
And not the food!
As Sophomores, we became entrenched in each other,
Sharing so many common things.
We formed rivalries and friendships all the same.
Had our hearts broken by "what's-his-or-her-name?".
Junior year, we all knew there was one year left.
We had to make the best of it.
Going to prom, then out to Baker's Square.
We stayed out half the night.
Now, this year, as we get ready to graduate,
I look back at all those times, good and bad.
I'll miss it, that's for sure.
But at the same time, I'm ready to move on.
And as we walk across the stage on graduation night,
I look out amongst those who journeyed with me.
In another year, we'll be on our own, off at college.
It would be a lie to say that I wouldn't miss you all.
In fact, I'll miss you all for a long time.
I hate saying good bye.
That's why I'm just gonna say, "See ya later!"
Because I know we'll meet again,
Somewhere, someday in the future.
Until then, I wish you all luck and the best of wishes.
Never lose sight of the dreams that are in your mind.
Society cannot deny you what you work for.
And remember this always:
"No matter how far the distance seems
Or how great the challenge,
Follow your heart to what you know is right."