A/N: I tried to try a different sort of writing style, so this poem is supposed to be choppy and contain incomplete sentences.

I Stand Still

I've become so hopeless.

So despaired.

So lost.

And stop.

Just stand still.

Remain frozen amidst their world.

They fly past me.

Withdraw far away.

Depart from me.

I stand still.

They keep walking.

And do not observe.

Do not grasp.

Do not notice.

That my sauntering.

My wandering.

My searching.

Is over.

Has ceased.

Has stopped.

I stand still.

The cuts.

The abrasions.

The bruises.

From the branches.

The barricades.

The barriers.

That hindered.

That misguided.

That blocked.

My journey.

My faith.

My hope.

Of sighting.

Of knowing.

Of finding.

That person.

That angel.

That savior.

Who might have freed me.

Delivered me.

Rescued me.

Taken me.

Led me.

From this site.

This spot.

This place.

Of drear.

Of loneliness.

Of somber.

I stand still.

They run on.

And on.

And continue.

To stay in constant motion.

With their unbroken.

Their unblemished.

And uninjured lives.

I am invisible.

They move by me.

They move around me.

They even move through me.

For to them.

I am not there.

Non existent.

Not visible.

So they do not see.

The pain.

The torment.

The agony.

That flows.

That streams.

That spills.

From the blood of my open wounds.

I stand still.