[ a/n: Hullo! Today's my birthday- and this poem is dedicated to all my brethren, my Angel Azure and my friends in Poyou! I love you all- also for my Class. Eejo, Elise, Iggi(my brother), Crazzzy banana, Crimson- crawler, Lexie and a lot more ( like Crimson Devil, Gravlax. . . )- I LOVE YOU ALL!]

[ I got really pissed off today- thus this was created- no offense to anyone intended. Enjoy!]


Where lies thy spirit, child?

Your mother wails, you hear

Where lies thy heart, liegeman?

Your queen hath need of service

For who falls your tears, babe?

Thy crib lies elsewhere here

The land Saunders- burns away

And here you are

Feeding its flames

Where is the water for your fields?

The green pasture that run

But here you tread another path

Away to the blue sun

Damn you, thief

You steal and plunder

Your own home

Damn you, burn

You condemned your head!