So you don't belive in vampires? Pitiful fool, you should. We are everywhere, you humans just don't know where to look. We don't fear crosses and the sunlight won't turn one to ashes. Garlic holds no real sawy, aside from the smell. Still don't believe me? Think about it. Take a careful look around. Stories, myths, legends - poples from all cultures and lands have mention of creatures that drink the blood of still living animals. Even now, in an age of science and disbelief, those stories are stil prominent.

I was a scientist.

I didn't believe. In a way, I still don't.

But you see, I no longer have a choice. I was bitten, oh so long ago. Now I know the truth.

Vampires do exist, as do other 'imaginary' creatures. The following are my memoirs; my attempt to inform the public of the truth. Watch the shadows.

I am a Vampire.

This is my story.