Eternal Darkness

Chapter One: Foreshadowed

Dashing through the night, he was a shadow among shadows. His dark ki radiated powerful and intimidating, silencing all life as he passed by.

For a split moment the moon lit up his face, the orb of night giving a glimpse before cowering behind evening clouds.

His ruby red eyes matched his long crimson hair, the same hue as freshly drawn blood, which flowed behind him in waves. The scent of a human was calling to him. A pearly white fang gleamed as he grinned. With a whiff of the scent, he could tell his victim would be a young female by the subtle aroma of hyacinths.

The male vampire's instinct proved true as he came into an open clearing of a village square that skirted the verdant forestry. The lithe figure of a solitary girl stood facing away from him. As his eyes roved over her luscious curved body clad in a black kimono, he licked his lips hungrily. She looked absolutely delicious. For him, a female such as this jewel was always a prized meal. The young woman's curved neck revealed because of her tied up hair would be a definite treat.

Either the girl was ignorant or exceedingly foolish to be out this late at night by herself and not even noticing his foreboding presence. Well, it'll be her loss and my gain, he mused to himself. Obscuring his ki, the vampire advanced slowly on his prey until his chest was grazing her back. Instantly, the young woman stiffened against him, breath hitching in her throat.

Lifting a graceful hand, he caught her chin in his cupped palm. If anything, he enjoyed seducing his female prey before taking his fill of their blood. Another hand snaked around her slim waist, finding a hidden slit on the bottom part of her kimono.

Holding back a groan at her smooth, velvety skin, he ran his deft fingers over her creamy warm thigh.

The girl elicited something between a sigh and a moan. She lulled her head back onto her assailant's shoulder. Lifting his burning eyes, vampire locked gazes with her, intending to overpower her with the flames in his eyes.

But instead of staring into lust laden eyes, he saw bloodlust and infinite determination filled in those indigo orbs.

Her hands flew to her obi and he bounded back, but not before a dagger slashed down his left forearm then embedded into his wrist. Hissing angrily, he glowered at the woman, wrenching the knife from his flesh.

A mental curse echoed in his mind as she drew another dagger, gripping it in pale snowy hands, prepared to throw it with a simple flick of her wrist at any second.

Kuso, how could he not have realized she was a vampire slayer? Realization dawned on him as the disguise of a weak girl lifted from her ki to reveal her true energy: that of a fighter. Few knew how to hide their spirit energy, let alone disguise it, him being one of the few exceptions.

Glaring at him, the woman angrily tossed her head back to push away forcefully the raven hair that drooped on her face. Face flushed, she quickly reorganized her rumpled kimono.

"I'm surprised I was able to lure you so easily, vampire," she spat; scorn dripping so heavily form her pink lips you could slice it.

Eyes flashing furiously, the vampire ran his tongue over the crimson blood that ran over his arm in rivulets and the wound she inflicted instantaneously healed.

As time sauntered its way on through the evening, their two lone figures tossed hatred to each other with heated glares...

A growl rumbled from the hard planes of the vampire's chest as the memory of the previous eve flitted through his mind's eye for the umpteenth time.

"Calm down little brother," his sister's lilting voice cooed, "Be careful...your eyes..."

Grunting, he threw a blazing glower. Though she was smaller than him, Akuma was his elder sister and ruler of the vampire city. Closing his eyes, he breathed in and out slowly until his eyes had calmed from their lethal wine red to a calmer charcoal.

She lay sideways on her thrown, wearing nothing besides the red and raven silks that draped the large chair and her catlike form and knee length auburn hair. The warm was large, yet was dark and stifling due to the strong fragrance of incense used to cover up the red liquid, dried or fresh, that stained the once dark cherry wood floor.

A tinge from where the slayer's tanto bit only pricked his already irritated mood.

Shifting so her long legs dangled over the chair crafted of gold, diamond, and the bones of her victims, she turned inquiringly to her brother.

"Are you going to kill the one who did this to you, Aku?"

A feral grin flickered across Aku's visage. "No...I have much more in store for that slayer woman..."

Staring out the window, the young vampire assassin watched the raindrops pelting heavily down. Steely blue-violet eyes stared back at her, framed with loose tendrils of midnight strands, the rest of her hair placed in a high braided ponytail.

'Blood red hair and eyes...he is no ordinary vampire.'

"Kyoki." Tilting her head at the call of her name, she met the ever beaming face of her energetic friend Suzumi.

Suzumi and Kyoki had known each other for many years, first meeting when they were young and naïve, skipping around elders' feet without a care in the world. Those were wonderful days.

The two had a powerful bond, and knew one another like the back of their hands. Suzumi was kind and always had a bounce in her step, the contagious glow of happiness always emanating from her. She didn't like to fight or argue despite her loud bursts of perspectives. Kyoki, however, was the opposite: quiet, reserved, but would always fight when the time was needed. Though she did not voice her thoughts as much as her hyper companion, Kyoki was very observant.

"Any information on the vampire?"

Suzumi nodded her head, causing her childish ebony pigtails to waver.

" your description, the demon is the vampire's most powerful and well renowned."

Kyoki sighed. "Just as I suspected...His name would be Aku, correct?"

"Yes, Kyoki...?" Suzumi queried worriedly.

"He will come after me," Kyoki murmured, turning back to watch the cloud's tears. 'And there's nothing I will be able to do to stop him.' she added in her head.

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