Chapter Two
The man heading for Cromorsky's office one of many spies assigned to Muroska to find out about its inhabitants and their plans for joining Earth's Confederation of Planets. Something the Guild did not want to happen. The spy was one given this assignment days ago. However others already left on their missions. Now summoned he entered Cromorsky's lavish office. The spy a tall slightly tanned male and still bearing his mark
OOOX on his forehead, that all Guild members wore ranking them. Wearing a dark green jumpsuit looking extremely shiny to the eye. Though at the moment, the man did not look like one of the Begilans but more like a Muroskaian with black hair and hazel eyes yet his eyes turned at the corners still giving him the look of a Begilan if one looked closer. The first operation having done its job of changing his facial appearance so he looked more likes a Muroskaian was a complete success. Even his crisscross scars, another indication of his dedication and rank along one side of his face was gone. Soon he was to have the operation that would hide the mark on his forehead a simple procedure where the doctors would use a medical cutter to fold parts of his skin, grafting these parts to hide the scars. It was also completely safe and reversible since they have done it before, many times. It became standard for the Begilans to do this when they wanted to infiltrate worlds before they conquered them. Entering Cromorsky's office and standing straight before the desk and waiting. This was a form of attention showing respect for one's Commanding Officers among the Guild and Cromorsky himself deserved such respect from the spy. The spy looked around his eyes moving around quickly noting things. Cromorsky's office though large was also bare unlike the spy's own Commanding officer's office containing her medals and service accomplishments on the walls and on her desk. Cromorsky didn't believe in extravagance and so kept his office bare of anything that would make any other person's office more comfortable. No paraphernalia marking his rise in the Guild's elite. According to the files the spy read up on Cromorsky preferred the plainness of the way his office was; it was plain to the point of its emptiness. And that made Cromorsky the most dangerous and ruthless man in battle a blunt man with bland taste but he also lived for battle. The perfect warrior for the Guild and that was what made him the most respected, not to mention the most dangerous among the enemy and ally alike for what the spy realized Cromorsky looked up and saw the man standing before his desk. "You are to infiltrate the Government of the Muroskaian. Apply somewhere within those Councils. We need to know everything there is about them and what kind of offensive they possess," Cromorsky, said speaking in his deep voice to the spy. "It shall be done, Sir," the spy said crisply. The spy saluted his new Commander and left the office after Cromorsky dismissed him from the office.
By two days the spy would be on his way and a week later before Cromorsky and his squadron of warriors left Begila for their journey to Muroska. Even now preparations continued as the Guild waited for word from their spies that all went according to plan. A day before liftoff as usual Cromorsky checked on his Battle Robot as the technicians readied them all for battle. The preparations of the Battle Robots were going according to schedule. Weapons for the Battle Robots outfitted and installed; limbs were checked and rechecked; and even boosters were charged and ready, everything seemed to take shape for liftoff sensors charged and ready. A week later Cromorsky's spy made contact with them. A dark cloudy day when Cromorsky entered his office and discovered that a message waited him from the spy on Muroska quickly he moved over to his desk where the communication-computer beeped. That computer was the only apparatus that he allowed on his desk and it was military gray colored and plain nothing more than a computer terminal connecting to a monitor and keyboard system as he leaned over he pressed a button on the keypad. "Yes?" he said in his deep voice. The symbol on his forehead showing plainly to all on the screen, Cromorsky's anticipation once the screen lit up revealing the face of his spy. The spy stepped back and saluted his commander. "Sir, I have discovered that the Councilors of this planet have contacted the Earth's Confederate of Planets. A Representative is on the way even as we speak," the spy began. Cromorsky looked at the spy; a frown marring his brow that caused the insignia to stand out on his forehead as his anger became plain. He stared at the screen as if he wanted to yank it off his desk and sending it crashing to the floor. His muscles bunching and flexing in reaction before he began relaxing releasing all the tension from his muscles even as the insignia on his forehead relaxed as well. "When is the Confederate from Earth sending their Representative?" he asked. "Anywhere from a week from now to a month, sir," the spy reported. "Anything else?" Cromorsky questioned. "Yes sir. The Councilors are doing everything in their power to help this Representative. They are quite starved for the help having experienced peace for so long and now it being threatened," the spy said. He stood a bit straighter before speaking again, "I have managed to turn one of the Councilor's to our way of thinking by telling him that they should join with the Guild or else. This Councilor will in turn bring the others to our way." This news brought a smile to Cromorsky's face a smile filled with anticipation at the news from his spy, "Excellent! Keep it up. Anything else?" After awhile of making his report, the spy added, "I must get off sir, there is someone coming." "Then get off," Cromorsky said gruffly before turning off the terminal screen.
Cromorsky got to his feet left his off to where the Guild's giant armor Battle Robots were being put away in their own structures where the Officers' offices were situated. These structure nothing more than large warehouse-tents looking like large coffins for these powerful war machines of the Guild. These massive weapons of destruction were what made the Guild so feared in many Galaxies. Even the Earthlings feared them since they had nothing to beat against them. Nothing could in no way possible defeat them. Cromorsky smiled as he looked down and saw his own a large human type robot with huge battle gun strapped to both of its arms being loaded into the structure in preparation for departure to the planet Muroska. Soon my beauty, you will be put to use. And I will be victorious, he thought to himself before turning on his heel and walking back in to his office. The giant battle armor was only one part of a large battle suit that was a part of the Guild. After completing his own preparations he left his office through the corridors that led him to his own superiors where he reported to them the report from his spy on Muroska and to receive his next orders.

* * * * *
The city of Murue a beautiful places where there was peace. People walking on errands not yet knowing that trouble was looming ever closer in this city there was a couple of Inns with people entering and exiting in most of the taverns loud brawling and shouting going on within and other shops with customers exiting or entering and carrying wares from them. There were glassmakers, jewelers, and even a bakery with the smell of baking bread coming out of the shop. A loud bell rang summoning the Councilors from their homes and having them to report to the Government Building. The bells also saying that Earth has had received their answer to the CAP. There was some relief among the Councilors about this as they made their way to the Government Building from their manors and castles. Moving along the cobblestone streets in their gilded coaches with horses conveying the fifteen or so councilors to the Government Building, by passers stopping to stare as these coaches passed by. Coaches, peasants' wagons filled with the fruits of their labors, and carriages all vying for a place together along the streets as well as inhabitants who stopped to watch the hubbub and knowing that the Councilors were heading for another meeting in deciding their fate. They knew that there was trouble was brewing in the air by the tension displayed by the Councilors.
Some of the inhabitants very few anyway had the gift of sight. They knew that the trouble had more than intruded upon their solitary existence yet it was going to be a race. A race between good and evil. Who would win only fate knew that answer. The rest of the inhabitants had a feeling that trouble was here and so rather than trying to face it hid from it by not talking about what was going to happening. Rumor had it that there was a fleet of warships coming to their world to enslave them but none knew of the true nature. They knew not what kind of trouble but such bad news floated in the breeze making the citizens of Murue nervous anxious even. They continued moving among their neighbors' children and thieves going about their business as if today was their last day on the planet. Children playing while the thieves doing their business of stealing to stay alive. Pickpockets of different beings were out moving among the people going about their business. Whores made a living with their bodies standing outside on corners smiling and parading before those males with the wherewithal to pay them for the night. Bodies of human origin and aliens moved together. There were aliens of every color, size, and gender strolling among each other meeting and greeting friends and acquaintances. Aliens that none have ever seen in space all together on this planet moving in peace and contentment. It was a busy time with the inhabitants of Murue going about their business not really knowing that there was something wrong but sensing it at a deep level that things were wrong. The law officers dressed in military tunics of dark blue color and hose a shade lighter and mail shirts were out in force watching for these law-breakers pickpockets and thieves doing their jobs of protecting the citizens. Taverns already filled with customers drinking and getting drunk. The streets were jammed with carriages and coaches. Besides the councilors there were at least twice as many people going about their own business. There were street venders making their deliveries or selling their wares, loudly shouting in hopes selling among the passerby. Merchants and warriors moving through the crowd hands either close by the hilt of their swords or at their money pouches. Men and women moving through the streets like busy bees going about their shopping or hurrying home from errands before the day was over. Children still outside playing their high-pitched voices fighting for supremacy with other loud noises of street vendors, whores, drunken men and courtiers. Things were pretty busy. It was a busyness that was destined not to last.
The Government Building, a large concrete building situated in the very center of the city where everyone was able to see the source of all law making and Government Officials going about their work keeping the citizens of Murue safe. The Government Building was by far the largest building in the city due to its being remade with each new fifteenth generation. Of these generations a new group of Councilors appointed to the seats and new laws made everyday in keeping with the tradition of the citizens. Carriages stopped as the Councilors began entering the Government House. Dark colored Councilors' robes exiting from these richly designed conveyances quickly made the to the Government Chambers inside the building. They were heading for the Government Chambers located down the hall. As they passed large pictures hung on the walls. Pictures of past Councilors honored for their work of making Murue safe. The hallway heading for the Chambers were built from a limestone material found on the planet thousands of years ago. Hallways used for thousands of years of policy making for the thousands of inhabitants that everyday seemed to grow with each new baby even as Councilor after Councilor walked these halls from way back in the past. Other people walking around or sitting before tables and desks in the chambers as the Councilors entered. They were the hundreds of attendants and clerks for the Councilors and their assistants there to record the goings on of what was happening that day. The inside of the Council Chambers was huge. It was a round shaped room with fifteen to twenty seats in rows of fifty. An extremely long table next to those twenty seats. Facing those seats sat hundreds more. They were for visiting Bureaucrats come to see how the Councilors went about making those decisions that affected the whole planet and wanting to know how well the Government was being run.
Separating the seats and the benches were small partisans. There a single podium in the front of the partisans where the Councilors sat. The Councilors filed in one by one went to their seats and sat down. Councilors speaking loudly in discussion as one of their numbers stepped up to the podium the other Councilors began looking up as he moved up. Their discussion continued however it was like a tide that rolled across the sand. The Councilor who stopped up to the podium was dressed in a flowing black Councilor robe made of a type of silk cloth that went to his knees. It was a robe that all the Councilors wore as well. Under the robe he wore rich garments of silk and large black boots on his large feet. "Brother and sister Councilors our meeting has hereby begun.," the Councilor before the podium spoke. He was a short balding man of middle age and a deep resonate voice. His voice belied his age as it was deep strong and forceful. The rest of the Councilors stopped talking to hear as his voice carried to the back of the room. He looked his deep green eyes scanned the room at each Councilor with a knowing look. He knew every single Councilor here on this day. At the same time he was calculating which of his fellow Councilors he could move to his way of thinking that or he would die. The meeting was about the Representative from Earth's arrival. Such a meeting had been the norm since the word of their acceptance came. He looked around again and smiled at them. They smiled back unobtrusively at him. He relaxed as if things were in the bag. At least some would be listening to him with an open mind even if he weren't thinking too clearly having his death on his mind. He remembered that intruder who visited him so long ago and threatening him with death and that was even more horrible. He shuttered in fear at those words from the intruder. "We have been gathered to discuss the coming of the Earth Representative for the nomination of our world into the Confederation Allied Planets," he spoke again. This announcement caused a great deal of furor as the Councilors began talking protesting all at once. The assistants and clerks all looking over at him in shock. They couldn't believe their ears. "I thought we already decided that," a woman's voice said from somewhere in the front of the room. Her voice rose above the furor. The woman an alien being of the Patensia Galaxy who came to this planet to settle down on Muroska away from the wars of her home Galaxy. Many of her people were in some positions of power while others were farmers, Innkeepers, and any such professions. She had the blue colored slippery slick skin and looked like a cross between a duck and a dog with the small duckbill lips and long dog-like ears. She also had hair on the top of her head and wearing a blue gown. Like most of her people she was very mild spoken and peaceful that all who saw her had a kind word for. "Yes we have Breyda. But have we decided on the implications," the Councilor at the podium explained looking at her. There was a decidedly pale cast to his face as he said that. "Who got to you Ceran? You were the one who proposed this nomination," Breyda muttered suspiciously. All the Councilors began muttering at that time about Ceran's sudden change of heart after weeks months of their decision and Earth's response. Now suddenly he changed his mind. Ceran had been the principle proponent for sending the message to the Earth. Loud protests continued ringing out from the more boisterous as Ceran suddenly backed away from their joining CAP. Whatever could it is that was wrong for Ceran to suddenly up and change his mind about this? Breyda stared at him for a long time in silence. Ceran looked at her blushing somewhat before speaking out. "Nobody got to me," he lied. "I was just thinking about that. I have been thinking about this matter for a number of weeks." "Yeah sure," Breyda said. "I hereby move that this session be adjourned. There is no need for us to discuss this matter any further. We have all agreed to join the CAP's and they have told us that a Representative has been sent." "I second it," a cultured male voice declared in a voice like thunder. His voice came from somewhere at the back of the room booming from the back, as all Councilors in the front were able to hear quite clearly. The other Councilors except for Ceran also agreed as they got to their feet and filed out of Chambers returning to their homes and families.
As the Councilors filed out of chambers with stately movements heading through the corridors to the outside many of their faces locked in a visage of boredom because of who they were: the lawmakers for the entire planet and thus responsible for the safety of all the people the Councilors all in a position of power but with wealth to back it up as they were nobles also. Heading back to his carriage Councilor Ceran swallowed hard. He knew that if he didn't get enough Councilors on his side that person would be back and he would be killed. But I can't just do that. We need the CAP's protection. Peace is what we want. There's been enough fighting from long ago. But perhaps I could make as if I was trying to stay alive. Get a few Councilors on my side. Then maybe I can postpone that person's coming back to kill me, he thought to himself. Finally reaching his carriage the Coachman a tall man wearing blue and orange livery Ceran's family colors for over a thousand years as the Coachman stepped over to the door and opening it. Ceran got in the carriage the Coachman closed the door and moved over to the front of the carriage. Leaping up on the box of the carriage shook the reins of the four stallions and moved off.
That evening seated at the long table with family and friends Councilor Ceran was silent. His family sensing that something was wrong also became silent. They knew that whenever Ceran wanted to talk discuss things with them he would but in his own time. Ceran father to eight children and six grandchildren all of whom were visiting him and his wife the Lady Sra. A beautiful woman in her middle ages as well but covering it well. The black hair done atop her head in a small bun with a few tendrils hanging down the sides of her ears; hazel eyes tilted slightly upward; the upturned nose and the slender figure wearing a blue-green gown. She was indeed Ceran's perfect mate as she stared at her husband so lost in thought. Her hazel eyes looking at him with love and concern though she did not say a thing. The Lady Sra also a noblewoman of impeccable birth. At the age of sixteen her parents betrothed her to their next-door neighbor's son Ceran. However when the two first met it was love at first sight. The two young people became inseparable even as they married the Lady Sra seemed to know when her husband was sad or happy and understood what he was going through even if she didn't know what it was that made him so. Now the meal became a silent affair for a few minutes until the children started playing around their voices getting ever louder. Their voices reaching the adults with it are bickering among themselves that caused the Lady Sra to look over at them. "Children? Children quiet your Grandfather is thinking," Ceran's wife spoke up looking at the children. The children looked at their Grandparents and fell silent.
Sometime later after dinner the family left heading for their rooms. Ceran's thoughts continued to plague him before he decided he would no longer dwell upon them. He got to his feet and left for his wife's chambers for the night where they could be together that night in each other's arms and away from the cares of the world. Of what was happening among the people of Muroska.