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This is for my angel, Azure- my brother, sire and Prince Iggi, my friend Lexie and Crimson_Crawler. Enjoy, my people!]


I sit here, in front of the big window, sparkling with dew. I could just make out the shining crystal ball, glowing red, orange and yellow in a fiery blaze. It was a marvel to behold- this wonderful phenomenon of sunrise that lifts the spirits after twilight.

Now, I gladly welcome its rays and feel the prickle of my skin as it burns in death from life. You never appreciated a sunrise- until you know that this is your first and last.

Last night- I forfeited my life. I committed what most of my kin would call " suicide".

I wanted to see it all, experience all this God- forsaken body of mine can not give.

It was raining- as though it mattered in this tale of tears. These raindrops only added to my despair. We stood outside the opera house- and I still see that diamond necklace on my hand. Glittering out of false hope.

Its owner had left- I see her back retreating- going ever away from me. Leaving me like she did all the rest. She was a great actor- and her heart was bound by one I know I can not match. Her one love- acting.

I still hear her whispering words…

"I want to be IMMORTAL! Can't you see? I want to live beyond my time- I want to be remembered forever!"

What she did not understand- was that I could give her that- and more. Oh, so much more. I could give her the world- I would giver her the world- had she said Yes to my plead of marriage.

She once said to me- "It is the actor's greatest dream- to be remembered long after the Earth has swallowed them- I want that dream- I want it."

" ELISE!" I had screamed her name each time I slept. Each nightmare blending with waking night.

I did not feed, I did not sleep, I did nothing save remember. For two thousand years, I did nothing but wait, nothing except occasional rats to keep me awake. Awake enough to remember- to taste her sweet lips on mine as I lived through centuries of torment.

I still remember- I have awaken, but the world was empty. And I am a beast- devoid of life. Even the scrap that I was provided with. She has long past now, but I will never forget.

In her last will- I found that she had searched for me- making me her "next of relations" giving me her lands and money. And finally, when I had opened the last little box- I found a golden ring- and engraved were the words: " The sun is rising." on the band.

Then, I wept- for the bitterness inside was overpowering. She fulfilled her dream- but mine passed away to the eternal twilight.

So now- I am back to my old task- remembering.

The sun is rising over the pale mountains- staining them with golden rays that drove away the menace of the night- those such as I. And now- I have seen and felt what most of my kind have not. I have lived. . . I dreamt and remembered. Now- 'tis time to rest.


Ashes were found near the window sill- a gold- encased diamond necklace among it. On the gold- in minute writing- it said: " The night will last forever- no dawn will come- should my sun forget to rise."