Locked up in my room I wait
I wait for the chance to be freed
To be released out of your confinement
I want to break the chains that bind me to these walls
The same walls that I see day after day
Locked up in the dark I wait
I wait for the hope of a sliver of light
A light that to my eyes is blinding
So used to the dark that they cannot see
Colour is obsolete
Locked up in my mind I wait
I wait for the knowledge of anything else besides demons
The demons that drive me into sleepless nights
I want to know if what my imagination tells me is true about the outside world
The world they only let me have a glimpse of
Locked up in my self I wait
I wait for the sounds of life
A life that has been so carelessly taken away from me
A meaningless life that I now end
As I ly here on my floor I die
Locked up in my room...
I don't have to wait anymore
For death has found me