Senshi no Reikai

(The Soldier of Reikai)

In the scriptures of magic unknown to all humankind and even only known to some of the most powerful of powers, was a prophecy of a boy, one that would forever change the balance of good and evil.

On the Isle of Kayobi, in the region of Higashi, a boy was born, but not any ordinary boy. The boy was born on a stormy night one autumn in the small town called Naka, in the house of a painter and his wife. The child the woman bore was a boy, but not a human one, for the child had a wing of an angel with pristine white feathers and a wing of a bat with the texture of flesh. The woman shamed herself with giving birth to such a creature; the man trying to calm his anger and his crying wife and find the mistake they made that lead them to be burdened with such a creature. The maiden that delivered the child was not at all disturbed or confused. For she was one who knew of the prophecy and was sent to deliver him. But knew the demon half of the child would try and take over, so it had to be banished. She told the child's parents to let her deal with the child and they gratefully accepted, telling her she could do whatever she wanted to do with the beast. She wrapped the child in cloth and went on her way.

She had come from the Isle of Doyobi, still in the Higashi region. When she reached home after her two-day voyage over water, she hurriedly made the preparations to separate and banish the demon with in the boy.

The separation was difficult but went without flaw. The woman, an enchantress by the name of Megami, banished the demon into the shadows of the world, and the boy was left with not one, but two pristine, white-feathered wings and no trace of the evil he was born with. Megami named the boy Inochi, meaning life, and she would teach him the arts of magic, to defend against his demon that still lurked in the shadows.

Through the years Inochi was taught the basics of magic, such as language, history and body movements. As well as simple spells, incantations, potions and herbs. He was taught many forms of attack and defense, including mortal hand-to-hand combat.

At the age of thirteen, Inochi was requested to go to the Isle of Kita to see a mage by the name of Nanashi. Megami had to him stories of the mage and of his feats, power and great skill, and he was confused as to why a mage of that power wanted to see him.

Inochi traveled through the Higashi Isles to the northern Isle of Kita. Kita was made of one very large isle and was covered in mountains and snow. He traveled through the rocky peaks until he reached the mountain of Getsu. On the peak of the mountain was castle, the home of the powerful Nanashi.

Inochi trained with Nanashi, where he learnt of more powerful magic that Megami, though powerful, did not have enough wisdom or skills to teach. He learnt strong spells for attack and defense, how to use the ki of the people and things around him and how to use the powers of life and death, that only very few evens tried to attempt. He trained in the mountains with Nanashi until that age of sixteen, when he was sent out into the world alone to find and confront his demon. Still not knowing of his prophecy, all he left with was new knowledge, skills and a long blade cast from silver, which was Nanashi's only gift to him.

Inochi was making his way back home when he first encountered his demon. As it started to rain and Inochi looked up into the sky and began to place a shield around his boat to protect it from the rain, he noticed a figure that sat upon the mast of his boat. The figure was dark and was perched with its bat-like wings that were folded above his head shielding him from the rain. It had eyes that glew a bright, acid green in the dark of the night. The creature only winked at him, then vanished back into its shadows. It left Inochi confused but he knew by the strength in its ki, that this is the demon he was trained to hunt.

On his pursuit of his demon, Inochi was lead to the Isles of Nishi. Even with the knowledge of the dangers that inhabit the isles, his desire to confront his demon drives away those fears. He first reached the Isle of Ushiro and he was met with his first danger. The Isles if Nishi are famous for its magnificent but dangerous creatures, namely its dragons. He was welcomed by a small pack of young dragons, which were not old enough to see through any illusions. Although, he did not wish to fight the dragons, for he wanted to save his strength. He used a simple invisibility incantation to get himself around them unharmed.

He traveled nine days and it was one night around dusk when he saw again the creature hanging from a tree, with its wings folded around him, almost as if it was asleep. The creature waking opened his wings and smiled a sly smile.

"Hello dear Inochi, I see that you've been lookin' for me." The creature stated.

The only reply Inochi had for the creature was a spell to bind the being to his place and drew his blade and directed it to the demon's neck.

"Well, now that's a very cold greeting, ya could'a at least said hello. Then again, I maybe should'a introduced myself first, huh? Well then ya can call me Oni. And ya probably wanna know how I know your name, well…that's my li'l secret. Now if ya let me go, I'll fight ya properly. If that's what ya want?" Oni said in a playful tone.

Inochi carefully and doubtfully released Oni, but kept the blade of his katana trained on his opponent.

"Now, that's better. Thanks! Now ya gonna say something?" Oni asked.

"Fight now! Draw your weapon and fight." Inochi growled out harshly.

"Alright then." Oni drew his axe, and Inochi quickly took the first strike, and they battled.

The battle lasted only a few hours, but it was intense and left them both tired, injured and weak. After the battle Oni maked his leave once again and Inochi wandered the Isles of Nishi weak and tired as he was, the adrenaline that still coursed through his body was stronger than the pain. He traveled to the Isle of Aida, the obstacles of weather and beast keeping him weak. While travelling through a rocky hillside to cover himself from the elements, he encountered a dragon as old as Reikai itself. Its black scales tinted with silver and under lied with a crimson red, jagged teeth and claws, and large black wings that looked like they could have gone on for miles. Inochi used an invisibility incantation to try and get passed the dragon, but his magic was weak and the dragon could see right through the illusion without problem. The dragon attacked Inochi with its breath of flame and Inochi did his best to defend himself and send an attack spell in return but the age of the dragon made it very wise and powerful. The attack did nothing to it, so it charged with teeth and claw. Inochi, still trying his best to defend himself managed to escape the claw that was headed his way, but was met with the dragon's whip-like tail against his back. He is consumed with pain and fell into unconsciousness.

Inochi woke up to his surprise, in a room that was surrounded by read velvet tapestries and high windows on the far wall. The room itself looked cold and dank, but the blazing fire that served as the light and heat made it somewhat comforting. Inochi, summoning what strength he had left, tried to sit up and get out of bed. He was stiff, sore and still weak, but he found all his wounds tended to. He couldn't seem to get very far, so he laid back down and drifted back off to sleep. When he woke the second time, there was a man standing by the fire. He was tall, muscular and wore what looked to be some sort if armor. He carried a long, broad sword and a shield and Inochi thought he had an idea of which the man was. The man heard the sound Inochi was making and knew he was awake. He simply said to Inochi, "How are you feeling?"

"I'm still quite sore, but I'm alright." Inochi responded.

"That's good to hear. Just in case you're wondering, I'm Senshi Ryuu, the Dragon Lord." The man introduced.

"Yes, I've heard of you. Excuse me Sir, but how long have I been here, under your care?" Inochi asked.

"About two months. But you still need to rest, so lie down and I'll bring you something to eat." He offered.

"Thank you." Inochi said as Senshi Ryuu left the room.

Inochi spent another two months in the castle of the Dragon Lord, in which his strength regenerated. In thanks he placed a spell upon Senshi Ryuu's shield and sword to strengthen them and keep him well protected.

He traveled to the desert Isles of Minami, to retrain himself in hand-to-hand combat, to think of strategies and improve his magic skills. After almost seven months of training, he was met again by Oni, this meeting like the first was brief but enough to strike up Inochi's curiosity by saying, "From the fires where you came from, is the blazing light that guides me, to the earth that you first walked on." Oni winked as he did before than vanished.

Inochi was left confused, so he sat and pondered those words. Left bewildered and lost he decided on returning home to Doyobi and ask Megami for her advice. He lead himself over seas and through his birthplace of Kayobi, and after eight days he reached Megami's home and the place of his childhood.

He was welcomed with a smile and open arms as well as a feast on the table. After they ate and shared a few stories, Inochi told Megami of his latest encounter with Oni, and what he said to see if she knew what it could mean.

She simply giggled and replied, "He was simply telling you where he was going and even though you claim to not understand what he said, you still followed him anyway."

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"You said that you came through the Isle of Kayobi, correct?"

"Yes." He replied.

"Well, that's where I told you, you were born right?"

"Yes. But I still don't understand."

"Then I ask you this, the first two letters of Kayobi, what are they and what do they mean?" She asked.

"The first two letters are 'ka', meaning fire." He responded.

"From the fires that you came from… Now I ask you this, the first two letters of Doyobi, what are they and what do they mean? She asked again.

"The first two letters are 'do' meaning earth." He replied.

"To the earth that you first walked on… This is where you took your first steps, you understand now? Then again, your heart knew all along." She mused.

"Yes, I understand now. But I still don't know what to do, please, I ask your advice, your guidance. I need your help." Inochi pleaded.

"No, you don't need my help, just remember what I said to you the day you left and told you as a child. Just follow your emotions. Now time to get some sleep. Your room is just the way you left it. Good night." She said and kissed him lightly on the forehead and sent him to his room.

The night brought on a vision of where Inochi was to go for his final battle. He woke up and recognized the surroundings in his dream. He rememberd the mountains and gray skies from his time spent with Nanashi. In the shadows of the night and with the guiding light of the moon, Inochi departs once again from Megami's care and heads once again for the Isle of Kita.

For the final battle he found Oni on a snow covered plain waiting for him. As Inochi approached, Oni spoke.

"Well, hello Dear Inochi. Ya remember who I am, don't ch'a? But you're still probably curious as to what I want with ya right?" Oni said with his usual playful tone to his voice.

"….I'm not here to play games or talk. You know why I'm here." Inochi replied with a steely voice.

"Yes, you're right I do know why you're here, ya wanna fight me, destroy me. But that we'll get to in a while don't ch'a worry, I won't disappoint ya. First, let me introduce myself properly. I am called Oni, and yes, I am the demon that was born along side of you…" Oni was cut off by Inochi.

"Get to the point. I don't want to hear your life story. I want to be rid of you."

"To be honest dear Inochi, ya may wanna hear this. Now…where was I..? Oh, right now… I was banished into the shadows but your guardian Megami, but I'll admit to ya that I have been watching your training from within those shadows. Now as I can see you're getting angry and I will get to the point of why I lead ya on your quest."

"Its about time."

"I do not wish to destroy ya as you do me. For I have learnt that we are two halves of a whole. We are but a part of one another…."

"That's a load of schyte." Inochi cut in.

"You may think that dear Inochi, but I tell ya, ya shouldn't deny it. I'm not one to lie. We belong as one, ya are me as I am you."


"Now, if ya wish to battle me still, ya may take the first shot. As I said I do not wish to harm you."

"Huh… I wish I could say the same. DEMONS MUST DIE!"

The battle commenced with Inochi's first strike of his blade. Oni drew his axe and blocked the attack. Inochi brought up his blade and stroke again, but was again blocked by Oni's axe. After finding that a blade does nothing, Inochi sent a fireball in Oni's direction, Oni escaped that one but missed the second one that hit his wing and burned it, enabling him to use it. Oni charged with his axe only to find a shield that sent him flying backward when he hit it. Oni, who was not taught the magic that Inochi knew, tried to defend with his few skills of magic and his many skills with his axe. His defense shields were weak and his attacks couldn't penetrate through Inochi's defenses. Oni still attempted with his axe and managed to get a few blows on Inochi. Oni weakening quickly still tried his best to attack Inochi without causing him severe harm. For that is what was causing Oni to weaken at that pace, the strength it takes to hold back, take the hit and not cause any harm to his opponent.

Inochi tired and growing weak from using his powers at full strength was still fighting to kill even when seeing Oni hold back so many times.

As the battle seemed to be coming to a halt and the fighters were weak, tired and injured, Oni gave up and admited his defeat, telling Inochi to make his final blow and put an end to their battle.

"Huh. I knew you were weak. But still I ask you, why did you surrender to me? I thought you'd be a worthier opponent. I can't believe I wasted my time chasing after you." Inochi asked.

"I surrendered because I can tell that ya will not believe me. Ya cannot see the good that lies within me, but I can clearly see the evil that lies within you. I surrendered in hopes that you'll see that I am no different than you." Oni replied.

"Those were some nice words, too bad they're your last."

"Actually, I have forgot to mention something to you. This is something ya may wanna hear. If I am killed, you will only be destroying yourself. We are a part of each other, even though we are not joined together, we still need each other to survive. That is why I lead you the way I did."

"Enough. That is all the talking I can stand. Good bye, demon." These were Inochi's words as he begun to pierce his sword into Oni's open neck.

To Inochi's surprise his blade did not serve to kill Oni, but to transfer his ki to Inochi. Causing the two of them to unite and become one, a whole new being.

Moments after they united, Nanashi, who had witnessed the whole battle, came out from his hiding to confront the confused being.



"What is the meaning of this? What just happened"

"To begin, Oni was correct. You two were two halves of a whole. I knew that he would not harm you, but that your desire to destroy him was far too strong to be changed. That brings us to the sword…"

"The sword?"

"I created that sword with the knowledge of this battle. Therefore the sword was created to unite the two of you, not to destroy."

"Then Nanashi, I'm confused. If we were meant to be together, then why were we separated in the beginning?"

"You were separated because that was what fate had in store for you and I'm sorry but I cannot answers fate's questions. Now come boy. You will come with me to master your new abilities. For you my boy will one day save these lands. So I shall call you Yuuki."

Nanashi and his new pupil Yuuki, made their way back to the mountain Getsu to start the training and get Yuuki aquatinted with himself.

As Yuuki was created, the ancient prophecies were being fulfilled and with those prophecies, there was bound to be great thing soon to occur.