Blood sweat and tears

Here we go again
Time to march this night
To war
And give the good fight

Gotta stand strait
Even more
Shoulders back
I'm fighting this war

Whilst I'm screaming
Madly cackling inside I be
Look can you see?
The wounds on me

They poke
They fold
Into perfection
Into this mold

So all are alike
Same lot
Same talk
Same thought

I'm so scared
That Ill be fit
Into perfect
But I don't show it

My claws are unsheathed
My face a feral snarl
I'll shalln't give in
Though it's hard, oh bard

They've scored many wounds
I'm bruised and bleeding
From not playing their game
From cheating

My blood doesn't flow on the outside
But on my soul where
Blood sweat and tears,
Mingle a fair

I'm standing
By god I'm standing
But it's getting harder
To claw my way free
Of their mold, I'm a marter

So I'm thinking
That rather then making me
They'll just make me
Broken not perfect

And I don't know
How much longer I can stand
I might just fall
And lay broken, lost the demand

Please I beg you
From the bottom of my scared soul
Stop this foolish war
Don't make me pay the toll

'Cause I wont be perfect
Id rather be broken
And meet that final judgment
A little sooner as spoken

'Cause I am tired
Of bleeding
Of sweating
Of crying

And the pain
Is getting hard to bear
And the knife
Is looking so fair

I have
But one regret
That if I fall
They won't regret

They'll keep at it
Trying to make more
More of their
Perfection all a dour

And those still

Will still be
All the more
They'll still have to fight
This idiot's war

Wow that was depressing had a very very very bad month ce la vie, (so goes
life) well any way you know it please do it review review review. Ya see
ya all latter.
~jade elf