"It seems that you haven't been doing your job, brother. Is there something that's bothering you? I can help." She had her back turned to me, and I her. We were in her realm of nothingness to discuss what I thought was pointless.

"No. My problems are mine own. So don't you go changing my path so that it will be better, sister." I gritted my teeth in anger and hated how she thought that she had the right to play big sister. My older sibling had died long ago and now she was trying to take over. I didn't like her anyway. She was Fate and wanted to change everything to make anyone she liked happy. It was true that I didn't have any problems, but I guess she wouldn't know that since I hadn't felt her presence for a long time.

"Oh. I see now. So is this how you want to play?" She asked in a bitter tone, disappointed that I hadn't wanted her help.

"Yes." A smirk found its way on my black, night colored lips. One of my teeth sank into in and crimson fluid poured softly down my chin and onto the floor with a trickle as soft as a pin drop.

"I smell blood. Why do you hurt yourself so, Lunar?" My sister walked in front me, her black wings shading her face. She does that every time we meet, she hides her face. I do not know why, but I want to know what's behind those broken, fragile wings. It makes me nervous as well, not knowing what her expression is and if she's playing with me or not. Or if it's burning anger and she's about to kill me.

"I do it because I can. I do it because I have power over myself to do it," I opened my eyes, looking at the void she calls herself. "Does that answer your question?"

"Half of it, you still haven't told me why you haven't been doing your job. Now tell me." Her clawed hand reached out to touch me. I slapped it away and growled. "Don't touch me."

"Touchy, touchy," she waggled her finger and then fell silent.

"I have been doing my job, but you seem not to be paying any attention. Isn't that right?" My gray wings spread out and then came back into place. I like stretching my wings. Keeping them closed up for too long is bad for them.

Silence, she wasn't answering. I couldn't tell if she was mad because I knew she wasn't doing what she was supposed too. Damn wings, black even. What a beautiful color, if worn by the right person.

"Answer me." I mocked. I let my hands make speaking gestures, as I had seen little kids do often.

"Why you.!" She didn't finish her sentence before she tried to hit me with a weak slap. I dodged easily and let myself fall behind her. I grabbed a lock of delicate auburn hair.

My sister hissed and thrashed. "Calm down." I told her to stop, but she was persistent and kept at it.

"Let me go!" She yelled at me, a tinge of fear in her voice.

"No." I stated firmly. Holding and pulling harder on her hair I asked her again why she hadn't been watching me.

"I was. I was sleeping."

"Wha-" I let go of her hair and turned my back, stunned to find what had been making her not keep watch. "Sleeping you say. Ha-ha." The laugh was weak and had no ring.

"That's right. I was sleeping. While you get a night's rest I have to stay up forever. People, nor gods and goddess's can have their eyes open for eternity, except for Him!" She raised her voice and I covered my small, fragile ears. But her scream pierced through my heart and shattered it.

I fell. I fell into a never ending abyss, never letting go of my ears. The place was black as night, it reminded me of my sister's wings. So black like that, but mine were grey. The color of indecision, though now they were stained with the colors of red blood and black night.


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