The zeons thundered through the fields and the burning cottages. The elf warriors were intent on taking their enemies down. The human civilians ran in panic. But the elves only took down the armed men and left the women and children alone. A leader of the Elite elf soldiers, Gadi took a quick overview of the land. That was when he spotted his king's long missing zeon.

Gadi burst into cottage and looked around frantically. He saw the pale, frail figure laid out on a cot filled with fresh straw. Gadi's lips parted in shock. Her usual thick curtain of auburn hair was thin and lost its radiance. Her skin was pale and lost its glowing essence. He took a numb step forward.

"Seytie," he breathed out. The head turned and the green eyes grew wide. Gadi, weak as she looked, saw that her eyes did not lose their beauty.

"G-Gadi!" she rasped out, trying to pull herself up. Gadi finally rushed to her side and helped her up, holding her up with his thick arm around her waist. He writhed inside to feel how thin she was. She looked into his eyes and Gadi felt himself falling.

"Oh Seytie," he murmured, tears stinging his eyes. Seytie smiled and placed a slim hand on his cheek, her thumb running over the scar beneath his left eye.

"Gadi, how are you?" she asked, smiling widely. Gadi closed his eyes. How could she talk to him as if she had just seen him yesterday? They hadn't seen each other for nearly 3 years! His tears spilled and he gathered the thin and dying Seytie in his arms, holding her close. He buried his face in the curve of her neck, her familiar scent making him shudder.

"Seytie, oh Seytie…what have you done to yourself?" he whispered. Seytie hugged him back, her fingers feeling the intricate ivy design of his armor. There must be others with him outside, she thought.

"I'm glad I got to see you again, Gadi," she said softly. Gadi pulled away, his cheeks still wet from his tears.

"Don't talk like that!" Gadi ordered.

"Gadi, I've done wh~"

"Seytie, you are not going to die. Whatever these humans have done to you, you are not going to die. You're coming with me." Gadi said firmly, his jade eyes glittering with determination. Seytie placed her hand on his wet cheek, remembering the last time she made such physical contact with him. Gadi swallowed.

"I have taken my actions, Gadi, and suffered the consequences so heavily, but I do not regret anything. I regret nothing." Seytie said softly. Gadi shook his head.

"You're still coming back home with me, Seytie. The queen is worried to death about you! How can you keep her in suspense like that? For three years? Seytie, I'm sure our healers can do something. I know they can do something." Gadi said, his voice rough and thick.

"Oh Gadi, my Gadi," Seytie murmured, closing her eyes. Couldn't he see already? It was too late. He had come too late. He'd come a year too late.

The light coming from the open doorway was blocked by a figure. Gadi turned automatically with his hand on the hilt of his sword. He stood up and saw that it was a man. The man looked shocked to see Gadi there and then he looked angry.

Seytie took a deep breath and looked up at them, the man and elf of her heart.

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-Aethulhere { ae-thul-ere} :: elf prince of Ziera

-Aginor {ah-guh-nore} :: elite elf warrior to Xar

-Agron :: a kingdom in Cadwallon

-Aluvia {uh-loo-vee-uh} :: elf princess of Ziera

-Cadwallon :: the land of the humans

-Gadi {gah-dee} :: elite elf warrior to Xar

-Hekro { hee-crow} :: elf king of Xar

-Leonor {lee-uh-nore} :: elf queen of Ziera

-Okera {oh-key-ruh} :: elf king of Ziera

-Riannea {ree-uh-nay-uh} :: elf queen of Xar

-Seytie {say-dee} :: elf princess of Xar

-Spehryx {sphee-ricks} :: resembles a Gryffindor, eagle head, bird-like arms, the end and hind legs of a lion, and has very strong and large wings of an eagle. Used for long flight travels.

-Torstein :: a kingdom in Cadwallon

-Udin {yoo-din} :: the leading kingdom in Cadwallon

-Verek {vae-rek} :: elite elf warrior to Xar

-Xar {zar} :: a great elvish kingdom in Zerameak

-Yanow {yah-no} :: a flying creature with leathery wings, strong arms and legs, large and colorful feathers, and a head made of bone. Used commonly for all flight purposes.

-Yewox {yee-wocks} :: an ibex-resembling creature with two spiral horns. They are used commonly for climbing steep, wet rocks.

-Zeon {zee-on} :: a unicorn-like creature with various shaped horns, large build, usually used as war horses

-Zerameak {zae-rah-meek} :: the land of the elves

-Ziera {z-eye-rah} :: another great elvish kingdom in Zerameak

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