Written on 10/18/03
I don't know what to say,
What to say to make things all better.
I hate seeing you like this.
You deserve better.
I wish I was powerful.
So powerful that I could
Could just wipe the pain away.
I know it's hard,
Hard to hold on.
I also know,
Know how it feels to just want to explode
But know that you can't.
I wish I could help.
Help you feel better.
But I don't know how.
Know how to make things better.
Now I know how hard,
How hard it is to sit.
Sit by and see the one you love in pain.
See them in pain and know there's nothing,
Nothing you can do to wipe their pain away.
I wish I could say or do something.
Something to make it better,
But was is there
There for me to say.
Say or do to make it all better?