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My problems..

My life…

I always say that to myself.

But truly, it's not. It's their problems that I try and help them with, or I'm just forced to listen to them. Their problems become mine one way or the other.

But who's there for me? Who can I complain to?

They all talk about guys… I suppose that's why I just listen, that's all I'm good for.

I stay silent

I listen to problems that I don't understand, and dumbly nod my head.

It's sad really, I have no one.

The silence is profound.

I can't take anymore.

I weep alone with no one to comfort me.

So alone….

Maybe ….

No, to afraid to even say it, it's my curse to stay silent.

I'm too afraid to even take the easy way out.

Like I said to a friend, I'm cursed to become nothing more then a soulless vestal that has nothing left but a black and bleeding heart.

I shall forever be engulfed by my own silence.