A/n this is my rather confusing collective thoughts on how my summer went, any questions, feel free to IM or email me.

Lament of the Sister

My last summer as a student

Will be something I'll never forget

Though it all started,

Long before the spring rains stopped.

They painted fairytales in their rainbows,

High hopes and dreams.

We were all illusioned

By life's little gains.

Tears flowed as I watched them go

It started with the flu

That I knew would come

But I never expected

Betrayal's plague to be chasing us so soon

Oh, weakened heart

Do not harden to the pain.

They may have left you standing alone

After the initial suffering they made,

But the flu did not conquer

And nor will their plague.

I am weak,

But I still stand.

I may be crying,

But that's all just shows

I haven't lost to you who I am.

So leave me here,

And forget the rest.

You must never really been the people

I thought I knew best.

And I'll show you someday

The mistakes you've made.