A/N: I borrowed this idea of having a conversation of two very powerful but opposite beings from somebody on this site. Just giving credit where it is due.

Meeting One

Greetings, War.

Hail, Peace.

How goes the discord?

How goes the false peace?

As well as ever, my dark lady.

I wish I could be glad to hear that.

Why must we always chase each other from place to place?

That is your idea of hatred, bright sire. It is my idea of love.

So, you admit!

I admit nothing.

You certainly admit something.

That I have loved you?

Yes, that.

You should have always known that.

You are strange, dark lady.

What I see as love, you see as hate. What I see as light, you see as dark. In other words-

We are incompatible. But still able to finish-

Each other's sentences, I know.

It's a strange world.

Made stranger by two beings such as us.

I'm glad to see you admit love.

What do you admit? Love or hate?


But it is in your nature to love everything.

You do not know that for sure.

It's a pity then; that's the part of you I fell in love with.

Farewell, War.

Walk wisely, Peace.

Meeting Two

War! You have claimed more!

What would peace have offered them? Long life and a meaningless death.

Better that than to die crying for God, your mother, while your body falls apart as you watch!

Calm yourself. It is not fitting for you to be this angry.

If you really loved me-

This part of my nature is inescapable! By destroying you, I show my love in my language!

We are too different.

You attempt to destroy me all the time, and yet you profess you love me.

The same goes for you!

Do not be foolish. But, then again, it is in your very nature to be foolish.

If I am a fool, then what are you?

Something you are not, and by blindly trying to understand, you destroy, like a fragile butterfly under the foot of an elephant.

You are lovely with words, but you steer the ship of our conversation away from the intended destination-

It is needed for War to be gifted with words. As it is for peace to be.

Words! They have proclaimed my death and resurrection thousands of times.

Mine as well. Declarations of war-

Alliances and treaties-

You see?


We cannot argue with each other for long.

Yes. And neither of us will ever come out the winner.


Safe travels.

Meeting Three

So it has come to this.


This. Your destruction of me. It has finally happened; I always knew it would.

Don't be foolish-

I am laughing. It is you who are the fool. You lose me, and so you become meaningless.

No! I will not lose meaning when there is no strife.

How can you tell what life is? Because of death. What light is? Because of dark. What Peace is-

Because of War- if I were to follow your reasoning.

I slip away, Peace. There shall be no challenges, no struggles.

Is that such a bad thing?

I am the builder.

I beg to differ!

I am not only War, I am not only the blood and glory of the battlefield. I am the deep struggle in the soul to reach up, the internal conflict that drives all to victory.

Or defeat.

Or defeat. Yes, that is always possible.

Why didn't you tell me?

You always knew.

So then, we are not so different after all… and now I have finished you.


I would rather have a world of a thousand wars than a world with no hope!


We aren't very different at all.

No, no, we aren't. We are the same. It is only a gap of the mind that separates us.

Farewell, then. You know I loved you.

You know I loved you. But 'loved' is such a time ago, when the internal conflict of the soul was thought of as the greatest battleground, where conflict made peace.

What are you saying?

Conflict is necessary to life. So is peace. We could have lived together. But now you have vanquished me, along with all hope for anyone.

Goodbye, then.

I go.