The hunt
(by Night Breeze)

Crouching quietly, close to the ground,
A ginger kitten makes no sound,
Eyes are focused his tail does twitch,
Calculating his leap, so he doesn't miss!
Ears attentive to every sound,
He thinks about his plan, every leap and bound,
Satisfied now, he prepares to attack,
Thinking yummy thoughts of his big fat rat!
In one powerful leap he takes flight,
The rat is calm, though it should be filled with fright,
He pounces on his victim, claws holding him down,
A high-pitched squeal is heard all around!
A tip of a tongue, a glistening canine,
Poised to kill, it's just a matter of time,
Teeth close around the rat's neck quickly,
Proud with is performance, the cat eats happily!