Rows of desks and chairs,
An overcast board with
Incomprehensible clouds of figures and letters.
Gates to Heaven or Hell?

Imagine this...
Little tin soldiers marching in a row,
Left, right, left, right.
Not one out of place, not one out of rhythm-

Or picture this...
It's every student's dream.
Where sunbeams of trust, creativity,
Wonder and joy, sparkle in every corner
In the magic classroom!

Where stern professors now teach
Like joyful flowers that have bloomed.
They bring pillows to class,
And teach lying down,
And give us a dollar for right answers
Without a single frown!
They give us recess all day,
And just a short break for class
And even come in costumes,
On all their workdays!

We can indulge in
Worlds of fantasy
Where numbers add themselves up,
And historical figures from embassies
Spring out full force!
We can study with ecstasy, feeling that
The world is ours, ours to share!
And we're truly able to feel
The human touch operating with zeal.

The journey of a thousand smiles
Begins with a single lighthearted step.
Laughter: the fixer, the mixer, the elixir.
With laughter, we can face the unfaceable
And erase the unerasable.
Our playful, spontaneous selves are
But only in the magic classroom...