The Haunted Staircase

In the Abandoned house, on Woodcrest Street, a young couple lived with their baby daughter Erica. During one night, Erica started crying. Her parents ran to her room, to find a shadow edging toward the window. Thinking it was only an illusion, they gave Erica a bottle and rocked her back to sleep. The rest of the night was peaceful for everyone... or was it. Erica's mother, Lila, had a nightmare. "It was just a dream," she thought, "just a dream." In her dream, a shadowy figure was in her baby's room. When she tried to grab it to throw it out the window, it dodged her and ran to the stairs. She ran after it, but by the time she got there, the figure was gone and Lila woke up in a cold sweat. A day passed without anything going wrong, then a week, then a month, then a year. A year later when Erica was 2, she spotted a figure creeping around her room. She crawled out of her crib, and followed the shadowy figure out of her bedroom, down the hall and onto the stairs. She saw a discolored spot on the rug. She crawled closer to see what it was, and like a vacuum, it sucked her in. Erica woke up from her very scary nightmare, only to see that she was sitting on the third step of the stairs, right next to a purple spot on the white rug. Quietly she backed away from the spot, when she heard a voice calling her. " Erica, honey! where are you? I need your help. Come closer." Erica crept a little closer to her mother's voice. The hole, once again sucked her in, but this time it wasn't a dream. The hole was like a dream world, everything the same but backwards. Erica crawled around to find her mother, but no one was there... except the shadowy figure. She crawled closer, and the figure took off it's black, shadowy cloak. Under the cloak, there was nothing but an outline of an invisible body. He took Erica, and wrapped the cloak around her. she struggled to get out, and started to cry, but the sudden urge to kill stopped her tears. The invisible figure cried out,"GO! STOP THE LAUGHTER OF ALL THE INNOCENT CHILDREN! STOP THE TEARS OF HAPPINESS FLOWING FROM THEIR EYES! Do this, and you will be rewarded, I assure you." The figure disappeared, and Erica reappeared in a strange house, she did not recognize. 100,000 miles away, There was a scream heard, coming from the abandoned house on Woodcrest Street. Lila and her husband ran out of the house still in their pajamas, never to be seen again. Erica, on the other hand, grew up to be a feared murderer, and was finally caught by the police when she was 24. She never was rewarded by the mysterious man, nor was he ever seen again. The old house was torn down, and a cemetery was built in it's place. If you ever go there, be sure to watch out for the mysterious man, especially if you are usually a cheerful person.