She was a strange one, that raven-haired girl. Icy, blue eyes and a hollow smile. Surely, her face made it clear she wasn't happy-though no one knew why. People often saw her staring behind her shoulder, or straight at a wall. So strange..She's really beautiful, though nobody really likes her.

Maybe we could be friends.

Yesterday I talked to her. She seemed nervous, yet a little relieved. Also... suspicious? I couldn't quite tell if she wanted me to stay or to go. Often times, as I made my nerdy little jokes, she'd look past me. A suspended-perhaps forced smile across her face, a tiny chuckle-though in reality she wasn't listening. She had 1/3 of her attention on me, and 2/3rds of it on...god knows what.

Scratch the friends thought..But.

When I got up, she grabbed my arm. She looked...scared? worried? She parted her lips slightly and licked them.

"I was listening-please don't go." I couldn't help but gawk: this silent creature suddenly demanding. She flushed, throwing her hands under the table and knotting them, her black hair falling in her face-the blue highlights glowing. She looked almost like an angel. "Um..I..What's your name?" I still stared, her trailing voice not reaching me till seconds after.

"Craig," I answered. She giggled, again, that angelic aura surrounding her. "Doesn't fit you too well, now, does it?" I frowned. "Oh..Heh. And my name is A-"

"I already know your name-Alice." Her face diverted from cheerful to surprised; like water may go from warm to cold. "Oh. Right..Yes, I suppose everyone knows my name, no?" She glanced up, staring over my shoulders, her eyes gesturing me to look behind.

I whirled my head in curiosity. There, half the lunch room stared from theirÊ wooden tables. I glared; they looked "Eh? What did you do?" She asked, her eyes studying the suddenly-respectful students.

"..Nothing." I answered. She smiled, giggling again. It echoed through my ears and teased my heart. I think..I think it was then that I fell in love with her.-The blue angel.

This story is actually going to be fairly creepy. Right now it seems like it's just a little teenybopper story, but it really isn't. Um, yeah. lol. It takes place in England. Main characters: Alice and Craig. I hope I'll actually keep up with it. I would give the general plot but it's too complex to fit into a story or two. Yeah. Fun.