Wait for You


our love was passionate incarnate.

our romance, emotion ornate.

we swore to share all of life's little things . . .

to each other, for eternity cling.


i promised to be there for you through thick and thin,

remove your troubles,

battle your dark dreams.

i promised to stay out in the dark cold rain,

if it meant i could heal your pain.

i promised love and loyalty, everlastingly true,

to wait . . . to wait for you.


you had but to ask to receive,

everything in my power,

i would willingly give.

money, diamonds and fast cars,

hell, i would even give u the stars.


"but love is but a passing dream,

romance but temporal sheen.

life is sin, we all want to win."

your bitter words stung me,

gnawed my soul within.


i remember the night we had a fight.

i remember clearly the knife wounds

i remember your fright.

but quickly your fright turned to glee,

it turned out to be no accident,

you planned to murder me.


they buried me two days later,

in a cold grave, six feet under.

but in my ash wood sanctum i would not rest,

your pretty eyes i can scarce forget.


fire and ice will not separate . . .

even death's chill grasp cannot disintegrate.

the love we share will last forevermore,

the romance, like sweet wine to die for.


i held true to my promises . . .

unlike your deceitful foolishness.

i watch, and wait for vengeance sweet . . .

but you will never see nor hear me,

not even the footfalls of my feet.

this bitter pain . . .

we stand much to gain.

we will be together forever,

cold graves next to each other . . .