Author's Note

Hey everyone, Cali here, obviously.

I just thought I'd let you all know and/or remind youthat unlike the deal with most of my stories, I don't just want to hear if you liked it. I want real feedback, if you're willing.

All I ask is please, nobody attempt to rewrite my stories. I've had that happen before, and I found it intrusive, obstructive,annoying, and just plain stupid. It's my story. ::Huggles it:: Mine.

Anyway, don't get me wrong – I always like to hear when people like my writing, but I want to hear if you didn't like it, too. If you hated it, tell me. Let me know what's wrong with it. Tell me it sucks, but tell me why it sucks. I'm trying to get this published. If it sucks, I've got to know what's so bad about it so I can fix it, right?

I have thick skin. Flame, review, and comment away, everyone!

-Cali Vinett