Important Author's Notice:

Hi, this is aqua-angel here. It saddens me beyond belief that this story has died. RP has been my baby since middle school and Kyra lives on in my heart. Truth is, these chapters are awful—wordy, full of rambles and doesn't quite display a sense of realism. This was the reason to why the three of us—sky77 and lostspiritz—got together to discuss about the plot, themes, etc.

The story was therefore completely renovated. The girls became older, the setting was moved to the states (since we knew our Washington the best), and one girl became half deaf whereas another's ethnicity was changed. Our dreams for the story were transformed as well.

The prologue will remain the same. I've written the first chapter a few months back and have been contemplating about posting it up. I cannot let go of RP, it has been with me for so long. I want to go on but cannot do so without the help of my other friends. However, we have not kept in much contact and we've all been busy. Honestly though, I think that their fire for RP may have died. And with that said, this project has fallen apart.

I may go on to write Part II of RP: Kyra's Story without regard that Part I is non-existent.

I wish to put up the new Chapter One up, just to replace those terribly awful chapters. Can anyone tell me what will happen to the old reviews? It's been such a joy reading the wonderful things that everyone has said and I don't know if I want to lose such encouraging words.

Please leave me your thoughts on this, thank you much!