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Chapter Eight

Michaela got to work right away, doing various menial tasks and little jobs. "I feel like a gopher," she complained to Sarah, who was busying herself making lists and rosters.

Sarah looked up from the papers to give Michaela a quizzical look. "What? A gopher?"

"Yeah, you know, 'Go fer this! Go fer that!' See?"

"Right. Can you go get me some - "


((Yet again, Two hours later))

Michaela crept through the nearly vacant halls, in search of minions. She had gotten rid of her hump and crone-like appearance, after all, she was a minion now, not a criminal mastermind. Instead, she donned a black leather stealth suit that had mysteriously appeared in her trunk. She obviously couldn't resist the suit, and so now she made her way through the halls looking like someone (she thought) out of The Matrix. Unfortunately, someone else must have thought so too, for as she rounded a corner, she was jumped by an Agent. Or at least someone who looked like one.

"Trinity!" it yelled, and ran towards her, pulling out its gun. Michaela reached into her holster and barely had time to think 'How did that get there?' before she began to shoot off bullets at the Agent. Amazingly, it dodged every one of them, and managed to fire a round off at her. The bullets spun through the air, heading towards her chest. Right before the bullets impacted, she ashamed herself by thinking 'I am going to die, and I haven't even kissed a guy yet. I am so pathetic.'


Sarah, finally done with all of the paperwork, slowly stood up, smoothing out her dress. "I am so glad that's over," she said, and inserted the many papers into a large manila envelope, which she then tucked under her arm. Unconsciously, she had assumed a slight British accent, one of the upper class. She swept out the door and down the hallway, heading towards the Really Big Hall, where she hoped to find Miss Kate. As she entered the Hall, she noticed something odd. For the first time since she'd been there, the Hall was empty. Completely. Not a soul inhabited the barren wasteland of burned bacon and Icky-Blicky-Bran-Flakes-of-Doom.

She proceeded towards the door to the Staff Wing, slowing just a little, the only sign that she was less than comfortable with the absence of people. As she approached, she slowed a bit more, until she stopped completely a few feet from the door. Mustering the rest of her courage, she rapped on the door three times, then stepped back again.


The bullets impacted on Michaela's chest, and a red stain spread out from her heart. She looked down, surprised that she felt no pain, and was astonished to see a blue stain on her stomach, and a yellow one on her shoulder. "PAINTBALL!" she yelled gleefully, and shot off another round at the Agent. "Ha! Take that!" The Agent once again dodged out of the way of the bullets, but the last one clipped him on the forearm. A splash of green paint flew up from the place of impact, splattering his face.

"Hey!" the Agent spluttered. "That was my new black leather trench coat! You'd better be paying for the dry cleaning." His voice was decidedly effeminate, but his body was male. Michaela was thoroughly confused by now. The Agent pulled off his thin black sunglasses and set them on top of his perfectly coifed head. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Jacques." He bowed, and reached for Michaela's hand, as if to kiss it.

"Uh, I'm Michaela," she said, gripping the man's hand and shaking it vigorously. "That was some mean game of paintball. For a moment, I thought for sure I was going to die." Inside, Michaela thought, 'Aha. A Frenchman. So that's where the effeminate sound comes from.'

"Pleased to meet you," he said, and wrenched his hand away from Michaela's somewhat distastefully. "So what are you doing here?"

Michaela brightened. "I am gathering minions for my mistress. She is an evil overlord."

Jacques raised his lip in a sneer. "SHE is an evil overlord? As in "My evil overlord is a woman"? Preposterous."

"Oh yeah? She could easily take you out." Michaela was getting mad. "In fact, -I- could probably take you out, you little French freak."

Jacques threw his head back and laughed. "I seriously doubt that."

Michaela lunged at him, grabbing the Agent's left earlobe and twisting it. "Take THAT, you LOSER!" Jacques retaliated by grabbing her hair and pulling hard, making Michaela fall to the ground. She then struck out with her foot and took Jacques' legs out from underneath him, and he too fell on his rump.

"I'll get you for that, you uncultured oddball of a -" He was cut off by a boot on his neck.

"Why don't YOU shut up, you crusty botch of nature! Or I'll have to skewer you on a stick and sauté you for supper." Michaela looked up to see who this mysterious deliverer was, and was surprised to see TBO's gorgeous mug. "Hello there," he said, smiling.

"Hi. Didn't think I'd see you after that oddly sunny night. You seemed awfully scared of being caught out of .closet."

"I sort of got over that. I'm dealing with my newly found liberty now. I've learned that Miss Kate won't yell at me if she doesn't know I've been out." He grinned. "Not that that's possible or anything."

Michaela smiled nervously. "So, uh, do you want to join the revolution? Sarah's going to be the evil overlord." She looked embarrassed. "I'd really like it if you'd join."


Sarah, having knocked on the staff wing door several times now, was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. She knocked one more time, and when she received no answer, she turned around to leave - and ran right into the grinning arms .she wasn't exactly sure. But it did have grinning arms. "I am going to take you, and keep you, and bring you to Miss Kate. She says that you're a ransom," the Thing said. "This will be a LOT of fun!"