Father to a Child

As my borrowed life takes another turbulent twist,

Lured with fatal temptation that is hard to resist;

Here I am now - all alone and down,

Stripped naked of thy material crown.

Everything was taken away from me,

Love, fame, adulation, and luxury;

My so-called friends have now turned their backs,

Leaving me to face the cold, hard facts.

With nowhere else to go, hide, or turn,

The truth unravels for me to learn;

For all this time, I did not know,

That I was my own greatest foe.

There is a gaping hole inside my heart and soul,

And for the longest time, I have never been whole;

After wracking my brain, I still could not see,

The root of all my heartaches and misery.

I look at the ceiling,

Pretending it was the clear, blue sky;

I address The Divine One, asking,

As I break down and cry.

"Am I wrong to think that You are mostly unfair,

For there are many times You are not there?

I know what doesn't kill me will make me stronger,

But I ask You - how long must I have to suffer?

Heaven's Resident provides His answer,

On why my spirit is sinking under;

He says, "You are the source of your own burden,

For you, child, have allowed your heart to harden."

He gently adds, "If you wish to receive the answers you now seek,

For once, My child, allow yourself to be meek;

Search your heart, and you will find out what is true,

To discover what really is spiritually ailing you."

I close my eyes, and think hard and long,

To realize what I have done wrong;

I bow my head - left with almost nothing to say,

Except, "My Lord, I have strayed and have lost my way.

I have been conquered and enslaved by my own sin,

Surrendering my soul for the devil to win;

For someone such as me - so depraved,

Will I still have a chance to be saved?"

With a warm voice so loving and mild,

He said, "It is not too late, My child;

Let go of your hatred and pride,

Take My hand - I am on your side."

I have always been with you, every single day,

To see and know everything you think, do, and say;

Your sins have been washed by My Son, whom I have sent,

Now claim your freedom, open your heart and repent.

I then weep, repent, and let everything go,

All the years of deep-rooted hate, pride, greed, hurt, sin, and sorrow;

Then the dam of despair releases its watery danger,

Wildly thrashing me and pulling me under.

Then the Divine One reaches out and saves me,

Giving me unconditional love and clemency;

He pulls me from the waters and gives me His embrace,

Saying, "You have long been saved due to My grace.

So while you are living on Earth, this I implore,

Love your neighbor, and sin no more;

As much as you don't see Me, I'll always be there,

To watch, protect, love, guide, and care.

As it is promised many times in the Holy Tome,

Those who believe in Me will have everlasting life;

As long as you have faith, gone are days of sin and strife,

And I'll wait for you in Heaven, your eternal home."