I sat there. All alone, eating a small meal of meat, cheese and bread. Outside I feel the people passing by on their way around town. That's what I get. Not only for living in a small building in the center of town, but for .special abilities. I am like a telepath. But not quite. You see I don't hear someone's thoughts. I feel them. I feel all those people's emotions. Of course, though, only feeling something doesn't always make me correct.

Sitting there, a wave of emotion overcomes me. Poor Mrs. Herral just died. I felt it. Death is a strong emotion. Feeling anything and everything all at once. It's the hardest emotion to control. Lazily, I rise, just to watch.

Mrs. Herral just lay there, face down in the dirt. Her long brown hair slowly drifting out of the tight bun it had been in moments before. Her long green and brown dress are wave lightly in the wind. The food that she had just bought for her little children spilling out of the basket and into the road.

Finally, it seems, people reach and start fussing over her. I laugh at them. Why? Why help the woman who's just died? She's not coming back! Never again shall she be the goody two-shoes in this town! It doesn't make much sense. I say we should just go dig a hole and drop her in it. Serves her, she never even gave to the church. I would know. I could feel how she didn't, she felt sorry for the morons who did. Ah well, she's dead now.

I watch for several minutes now before going and resuming my seat. I eat the rest of my food, deciding that later, I would go pay my respects to her family. For now, I'd indulge in this sensation.