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A strange fog had rolled into the minuscule town that I lived in. There was no noticeable source of light that would explain the eerie crimson glow that was emitting from within the fogbank. I decided to go out and see what was causing this phenomenon and to find the source of that pulsating light. The doorknob that leads outside was scalding to the touch and the windows were frosted over in red.

I stepped outside only to be assaulted by the horrid odor of burning hair and was pelted with small, sticky droplets of water. It only took me a minuet to realize that I had walked into mist of human blood. My stomach rebelled against my throat and projected my breakfast upon the cement pad in front of me, covering the only pleasant spot remaining in bile and egos. I had already lost my senses and had nothing better to do so I took my only option; I wandered out into the bleeding mist.

There was a small voice in the back of my mind that begged me to run back inside and hide in the family safe but that was quickly squelched by my expanding curiosity. I stood dazed for a moment while my eyes readjusted I then proceeded into the murky red not expecting to find anything closer to death than what I was already immersed in.

The fog called out to me, begging me to come to its source, calling for its release from the perpetual bondage that it had been forced into. Still not knowing what I was looking for, I wandered in whichever direction the fog seemed to thicken. My blood boiling, I forced myself to forget the streams of blood streaming down my face and arms, the increasing stench of soiled human flesh assailing my every sense.

The crimson deepened, it was if I had been thrown into a see of human gore. I could now begin to make out floating organs and various body parts, the temperature grew unbearable, I could hardly breathe but I still slaved onwards. I took a minuet to rest and I thought that I saw through the remnants, the severed arm of my sister floating though the debris.

My mind was so far gone by this point that I had forgotten where I was heading and what was happening around me. Reality was unraveling, everything that seemed normal had been utterly destroyed by the see of chaos swirling around my tainted self. There was no use in me turning back, for I had already passed the zenith of no return. I knew that I would never see the light of day again. Hope had left to some other realm and had abandoned me in this wave of death.