you know your lies

Too bad it's time

to say goodbye.

Becuase I found out,

you had things to hide.

And now things are too bad

as it seems.

It too bad

this isn't a dream.

But I guess it is,

because I feel so much pain.

And no matter what happens,

it still remains.

So many lies,

will just bring more tears.

Because now I know,

there's all to fear.

But I guess that's a risk

when trusting love.

Because behind in all

the kisses and hugs.

There's a story,

That we all need to learn.

No matter if it's lovely,

no matter if it burns.

But that's a risk,

we need to take.

Because if we just heard it,

and just break.

Then we are weak,

but if they told this much lies,

then I guess I wouldn't blame you,

if you just cried.

But to me,

now I know all there is.

There's nothign to hide.

Nothing but this.

So here it is,

end of the last ride.


you know your lies.


aik0h: kinda depressing for a 13 yrs. old huh? XD