Harp strings of the Gods.

A young girl with dark blue hair climbed over a hill, and saw what she was looking for. A small house, and a barn, beside a crystal, glittering lake. She smiled, and ran to the house. Patting the old cow on her way. She knocked on the door expectantly, and a man, with silver and black hair opened it. He roared in delight, and took her up into his arms.
"Rawr! Where's your mother?"
The little girl played with the pendant around his neck. The man was in his mid forties, and she was almost six.
"She's coming, Mama's all fat again, so she'll be late. Daddy, and Uncle Kalna are helping her."
She laughed as the man set her down, and she ran to the mature woman who sat at the table.
The woman smiled and opened her eyes to look at her. They were blue. Just like the little girls.
"Why hello Ellis. Is your mother coming?"
The girl drooped slightly, and Olwen hugged her more.
"We're always happy to see you, but we do want to see your younger brother every once so often."
"You can see him when he's born!"
She gruffed.
Olwen picked the girl up and took her outside as she heard the loud sounds of male greetings that alerted her to Kalna's presence at her home. She set down his niece, and ran to hug him. Xan was there too. And Intii. With her husband.
Werath smiled and kissed his wife as he softly spoke to her.

"A small farm."

"With some chickens. A cow, A few pigs."

"And you."

The end..