Harp strings of the gods.

Olwen screamed as something brushed by her leg. It was a hand, but it was no normal hand. It was cold, and slimy. She then began to attempt to find land, but in her flails, she only went further out into the deep waters of the lake. She began to sink, and scream, and thrash, all the while forgetting to breath. She heard more splashing, and then started to hit the thing that picked her up. It was slimy, and cold like the hand, but strong. It began to drag her out of the water, and onto shore. With little protest when she hit it. She was screaming bloody murder, and unexpectedly. The creature cried out in pain, and dropped her. It was a surprisingly high pitched and painful human cry. She was immediately taken into strong, warm arms. Werath. He took her to shore, laid her down softly first wrapping his cloak about her, and then plunged back into the water. He caught the slimy creature, and dragged him back to the land. It was crying out in protest.
Werath had never been so angry in his life. He shimmered with hatred that snapped and crackled in his aura. He looked down at the man that had grabbed Olwen.
"I am a Firnez!- He had a deep voice, and Olwen gasped at his proclamation-And I simply wished to know what song your friend was singing!"
All went silent as Werath glared at the magical creature. He had pale blue skin, and dark hair. His clothes were shoddy, and his hands and feet were webbed. The Firnez got up, and moved towards Olwen. Werath wanted to stop him, but he found that his limbs and voice were immobilized. It was Firnez magic. Werath struggled as the man reached down to Olwen who recoiled as a cold hand touched her face.
"I meant not to harm, or scare you, but who made that song?"
Olwen softened at his calm touch.
"I did. Lord Firnez.-
He was looking intently into her unseeing eyes.
"Did. Did I hurt you when I was hitting you."
"I barely felt a thing. How did you come to write that song?"
Olwen opened her mouth to say something, but her soft voice was cut off by Korath, he was awake, and calling for her.
"Please. Excuse me."
She rose up off the ground, and made her way to her surrogate father. While Werath discovered that he could move again. He grabbed Kalna by his hair.
"If you dare stay any longer than Korath says you can, I will kill you."
And with that he dragged the water being over to the campsite. Olwen was talking to him softly about how they would arrive at Avalon, and the high priestess Jamnora would heal him.
"Ah. A Firnez."
"Are you afraid. Lord Druid?"
"No, If-Korath coughed-If you would be kind, I would wish you to accompany us to Avalon."
Werath's eye twitched.
"I would be honored."
The Firnez bent down to take Korath's hand, and as he did, the old man fell asleep. Werath grabbed him by his long hair.
"What did you do to him?"
"Ouch! I simply helped him to sleep!"
Werath let go grudgingly. The sky was blue, and the clouds were white, but the moon would tell him for sure just what the Firnez's intent was. There was only one problem. He would have to leave Olwen and Korath alone. A blind girl, and a sick old man. Alone. With a Firnez. They were elves of the waters; preferably lakes, and rivers. Though now persecuted, and killed by humans, and Goblins. They had power. Even after the culling of over half their people, and most roamed the land with no other want but to kill every human in sight. Werath sighed. And walked to the river where the Firnez had come from. He heard a crack behind him, and a voice.
"Why do you hate me?"
Werath jumped around to glare at the Firnez.
"Is it because I frightened your friend.?"
The two men looked at each other for a long time before Kalna spoke again.
"Or is it because I'm a Firnez?- Then, he turned around - Or do you just not like stray men touching her?"
Werath's mouth twitched into a snarl.
"Because you're dangerous."
He said, as if that explained everything, but Kalna was not deterred. He walked all the way to right in front of the man. Kalna peered into Werath's eyes and touched his face.
"I'm not so scary. Besides. I don't like most women."
Werath's eyes widened and he backed away. The Firnez simply playfully danced away. Werath decided that the other being was not only dangerous, but crazy too. He also decided that he would not leave Olwen's side for a moment. Werath sighed. The trip to Avalon would be wrought with danger, and true enough, the young Druid would have been happy to have someone else who was not incapacitated. Because, though Olwen, when she didn't miss, she could pull a few good hits. For all that, she was blind. Olwen was a highway robber's dream. Beautiful, and weak. Werath shook with anger at the memories of going into towns, and cities, and villages. Men would stare, a man even asked Korath to sell her to him once. That request was met with an angry reprisal, and a knocking about the ears with Korath's staff. She was twelve then. Olwen the white, with her white eyes, and gold Saxon hair, was a great rarity, a true beauty. Werath made his way to the camp where Kalna was talking avidly to Olwen. Werath blistered at the sight of the closeness of the two. He sat noisily by the fire. Making his presence known.

The next day, the two men made a litter big enough to carry both Korath, who was too weak to walk, and Olwen, who cared for him. Then, they hitched the litter to the two horses, and began on their way. Olwen's soft lilted voice to keep them entertained, and Korath's coughs at bay. Werath spent his time trying not to talk to Kalna, who obviously wanted to talk to him.
"This is the furthest I've ever been from a stream."
The water being mused softly, Olwen, who was walking in between his, and Werath's horses, with a hand on Werath's stirrup to keep her steady, lifted her face to Kalna's.
"Are you sad about it?"
He laughed musically.
"No. I am far more interested by the sights, and sounds here."
Olwen felt a hand on her head, and did a mental checklist. Right thumb. Check. Person to the left of her. Check. It was Werath. She leaned her head to touch his leg.
"Werath. I hear horses."
She'd been hearing them for a while now, but it was so faint, she couldn't have been sure that they were coming this way. But, now she could hear the plodding of many horses. They were coming their way. Yet Kalna was skeptical.
"My dearest, you have a horse on either side of you. Could it be them that you hear?"
Werath turned on him.
"Shut up!"
They stopped the horses, and Kalna listened closely while Olwen walked forward. He could hear them clearly now, even Werath could hear horses galloping. And coming closer.
"Olwen, come back!"
Werath could see the first of many soldiers galloping down the road, and Olwen was right in their way. She could hear them, but she didn't move.
Werath yelled out as who seemed to be the commander reared his horse in front of her. Olwen never flinched. Her eyes closed, she reached out to touch the horse that the man was riding on. The large black stallion nuzzled her gently.
"Who do you think you are?!"
The older man barked.
"Get out of the way!"
Olwen simply continued to pet his horse as the commander raised his hand to slap her out of the way. Werath was gaping. Too dumb struck to do anything. He brought his hand down hard. But it never touched the serene girl. A younger, larger man grabbed his hand and twisted the arm back until there was a resounding crack.
"You'll not touch her."
He said as the other man cradled the broken limb. It would probably never bend properly again. Olwen looked with her blind eyes in the second man's direction. He got off his horse, and touched Olwen's fair hair. His face was unreadable, for he had a brass helmet on. Werath got off his horse, and took Olwen's shoulder's.
"Uh. Thank you, We'll get out of your way."
The man took off his helmet and looked at Olwen intently.
He asked in his deep voice. Something deep in Olwen responded to that voice.
She asked, almost fearfully.
"You are blind no?"

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