Well, I wrote this one day when I was really depressed, so it's not happy. ^.^ Please give me
your constructive criticism. I would greatly appreciate it as this is my first poem. Enjoy!


So happy I was
Together with you
To dance and to kiss
Like we'd usually do
My intense felicity
All thanks to one:
The only person who ever
Glowed more than the sun

Never once did I think this would end
That we'd no longer whisper "I love you"
Because of one tiny bend
Not ever had I thought
That my heart could shatter like such
Never thought that we'd go tumbling
Through the brush

I never wanted to hear
That ambulance getting closer
While whispering 'it'll be okay'
Over and over

I never wanted to feel
Your hand getting colder
I never wanted to see
Your eyes drooping lower

Time and again
I screamed out your name

...but you didn't hear...

You were too far gone
Too deep into that angelic song
The one where they say
They'll take you away
Fly you far off to a better land
One with golden sunsets and glittering sands

There's only one thing wrong with this heavenly paradise
Its expense...
The cost is your life...

But soon I shall follow
Because no longer can I stand
This sorrow in which I wallow

By child of theirs