It's Who I Am

I am not a native Oregonian.
I do not agree with governmental decisions.
I am an undiscovered artist of the soul.
Once I saved the life of an unsuspecting, helpless baby bee.
Sarcasm is just another service I provide.
I tiptoe through my house at night, just because.
I can't stop myself from dancing in the rain.
I own more pairs of Doc Martin shoes than pairs of pants.
Chlorinated water and I don't mix.
Once a year my friends and I drive to the beach to beat up the ocean.
I am impressed by people's ability to be surprisingly stupid,
While still knowing more than I could ever learn.
I believe everyone has an interesting story brewing inside them.
I am best of friends with my cat.
You'll never find me at a local sporting event.
Words are my life.
I live with my mother.
I dance to the music of the stars and sing to the tune of the moon.
I take a deep breath and dive into each day,
Hoping my sense of adventure won't fail me.