A/N: I've had so many conflicting emotions lately. It's just because of
circumstances. My grandfather's dying of cancer and I got a new boyfriend
who is absolutely wonderful to me. I've had things to be happy and sad
about all at once, and believe you me that it can get rather draining.
This is about my grandfather, if you couldn't tell. I just needed to get
this out, and I was already in bed ready to sleep when it hit me. So here
it is.

Come here.
Get over here.
I just want to die!
His words
Sad but true
Yet we know the cancer
The cancer is getting him.
Slowly eating, eating, eating
Meticulously killing, killing, killing
He can't eat
He can't drink
He can only sleep.
He is gone to us
Recognizes, but is confused.
We love him
We will always love him.
But his life is almost extinguished.