"Spiral to Hell"

See me watching,
See my tears
Watch me cry,
Watch me die.

Burning heart,
Burning mind,
Searing cold
And death-like road
You know my pain
You know my life
You know I can't control this
You know I'm going to break.

And break I will,
Soon, soon soon..
And even as you watch
And even as you see,
You know that this pain
Is dragging me down
Pulling me into a downward spiral
Spinning me off into oblivion
Spinning me into the lands unknown
By man or woman.

I've lost myself now,
And I've lost my mind with me.
To these tendencies which I cannot absolve
To these tendencies which I cannot control.

And watch me as I kill
Watch me as I cause them to bleed
Watch me as I lose control
And give in to those sinful tendencies.

And now you pull me down
Into the downward spiral
Spiralling down,
Into the wrathful fires of hell.

And in that place I am welcome
And in that place,
I belong.