Werewolves prowl,
Crows scream,
Today is Halloween,
Trick-or-treaters unaware,
They are in for quite a scare,
For tonight is Halloween night.
Monsters moan,
Ghosts groan,
They aren't the only ones dead,
So it the phone!
Running quickly,
With all your might,
Better run faster,
For tonight is Halloween night.
Along the street walk a frightened pair,
They are very cautious,
They take care,
For they know,
Tonight is Halloween night.
After darkness has fallen,
You hear banshees calling,
Ohhhh... Tonight is Halloween night!
Tombstones dot the graveyard,
Wind rustling through the trees hard,
A child with a Halloween card.
BOO! Tonight is Halloween night!
A haunted house on the curb,
Skeletons undisturbed.
Tonight is Halloween night!
Cats arch their back,
Spider crawls along cracks,
Tonight it Halloween night.
As night fell,
An evil wizard cast a spell.
What do you think?
Please do tell,