The Social Graces of Being Sinister
By Alexis Malloy



I started to write "Sinister" perhaps a year and a half ago, if my memory serves me correctly. Originally titled Danse Macabre, I recently changed it due to certain conflicts with familiar titles belonging to rather famous writers. Please note that this is still, technically, a working title, and that I may decide to change it several times along the way.

There are very few similarities between the very first draft of Danse Macabre (which you can still find on my author page, because I'm a masochist, and which I will from now on call the Proto-Sinister), and this one. Some of the main characters haven't changed much, such as Alex, Noel, and Darius, but they have evolved nonetheless. They're still recognizable, that's all - unlike Tristan, for example. Who's Tristan, you may ask? Precisely, my dear Watson.

I really do hope that those of you who read the Proto-Sinister will find this Sinister much better. Personally, I can't look at the Proto-Sinister without feeling the urge to vomit. Except for "Bend," the third chapter. I've always been quite partial to it, and you'll probably find it, with only a few minor edits, in this version.

Believe it or not, I have a file folder full of planning and goodies for Sinister, and I fully intend to get this story onto its feet and keep it there. From time to time I may post links to pictures, bios, the almighty genealogy chart (version four?), and other such media. But what I'm sure you're really here for is the story - and I promise you'll get lots of that, too! ^^

Just a few quick little warnings… There will be slash, and plenty of it. This means two boys or two girls becoming romantically and/or sexually entangled. Though, there are also quite a few heterosexual pairings as well. Fun for the whole family!

The rating should rarely press R, except perhaps for language or violence (hey, it's about vampires!), but there will be some parts later on that kick the R rating in the teeth and pole-vault over it. So when that time comes, don't worry, I'll warn you, and probably link off-site.

Other than that… please just do the courteous thing and review if you take the time to read. I'm such a feedback whore. And feel free to get in touch with me either by LJ, AIM, MSN, ICQ, email, or whatever, and coax me into writing. Don't annoy me, though. You wouldn't like my pet vampires when I'm angry. *grin*

Enough of my prattling. Onward!

- Alexis "Flair" Malloy
(November 25, 2003)