The Blade

The beauty of the blade
As it gracefully slashes the air
Eventually meeting with your skin
Easily slicing through your flesh

You left a wound that will never heal
As deep as the blade's cut
I will be forever scarred
So now I shall scar you

I remove the blade from its womb
As the blood begins to flow
A thick sea of crimson forms
My deed has been done

But for a moment I falter
Gazing into your pool of blood
A stranger returns the gaze
It is whom I have become

Then I turn to the blade
Of which your fresh blood still stains
So unforgiving yet highly respected
For one purpose that rises above all

This is the window into my battered soul
But I cannot let you break me
No more moments of weakness
And no longer any regrets

The blade is all I have left
It has stayed by my side
Through thick and through thin
And so it shall remain

Of all the people who have betrayed me
The blade always remains loyal
And yet it brings death to so many
It gives life to one in the end