I would always look up to you when I was growing up
I wanted to be just like you, in everyway
You curled her hair, so I did too
I wore the same clothes that you did
I ate what you ate and read the books that you read
I would listen to your conversations and then replay them with my friends
As years went by you got a little annoyed by me
You told me to leave you alone and to stop copying you

That was too hard for me to do
I thought you were so cool
So when you started hanging out with your new friends, I was the first to
These friends were different from the ones you had before
Their hair was multicolored and styled beyond belief
Their ears, noses and eyebrows were pierced
I thought they were so cool

Your taste in music changed
Goodbye pop, hello rock, grunge, acid, and metal
Now this was too cool
I watched you from a distance, so I wouldn't disturb you
And I saw the circle you were sitting in pass around a joint

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months
And everyday I felt our family was slowly falling apart
You were almost never home for dinner
Mom was always mad
And dad just sat there, staring, almost completely emotionless.
His only words were "pass the salt"
I started to worry about you

I asked you one night when you were crying what was wrong
And you showed me your arms
You slowly folded up your sleeves so I could see the scars
I've heard about people cutting a lot but, this was really bad
You started crying so hard that I couldn't console you, I didn't know what
to say

You went off to college last year
I haven't talked to you in a while
Things have been going pretty rough and sometimes I feel I need an escape
I felt like I wasn't fitting in at school, I thought I needed to be cooler

So one night I began
Just one quick, little cut
It didn't hurt too much
Every night a little more
I see why you did this
It relieved all my pain

Then you came home for thanksgiving
You were so happy
You had a new boyfriend and things were going great
Then after dinner you gave me a present
One of your old band shirts
My favorite one of yours
You told me to put it on so I went in the other room and changed out of my
into the short sleeved shirt
I felt so cool
I walked back to my room with my arms folded
And you wanted to see how it looked
You unfolded my arms and saw the scars
I will never forget the look on your face when I said
"Don't you see? I learn from you"