"That's great, Matt. Are you going to finish it?" Kelly asked while starring at me with those doe eyes. Or maybe it was Kerrie. I get confused sometimes. It was definitely one of the sirens.

Trying to keep for being sucked into the swirling vortex that her eyes represented, I glanced down at her nametag and the "Kelly - Manager" stamped on it. I shook my head to break the trance she had me in. Maybe I'm exaggerating just a bit… I mean calling her a siren in all. No doubt the girl was very attractive but this Venus quality that I'm ascribing to her might be reaching a little beyond fact.

Richard didn't seem to be entranced so much as jealous. But then I might be giving him too much credit as well; after all, I'm not even sure if he was really there.

"You know, I wrote a story once," Richard said, as Kelly ignored him. "It was about my mom."

Somehow I wasn't surprised. And I took Kelly's lack of acknowledgement as further proof that Richard wasn't there… at least not this time. So my eyes returned to Kelly's, and just as I was about to notice that she hadn't blinked for quite some time, she did, and when her eyes reopened I saw reflected in them the face of the prescient girl standing behind me.

I recognized the prescient girl immediately, although I'd never seen her before. And as she sat down beside Kelly, across from Richard, she looked diagonally to her left and into my eyes and said, "Don't worry, Matt. Some of this will make sense later." Then looking to Kelly she said, "No, he never finishes anything," answering her earlier question that I had completely forgotten about.

Kelly seemed mildly disappointed at the answer, but her face brightened immediately as she asked me, "Is this the girl you told me about?"

She meant Katie, the girl I planned on marrying. Katie, Kelly, and Kerrie, that's three 'K's; no wonder I get confused. The prescient girl, sitting on Kelly's left when viewed from my perspective, wasn't Katie, by the way.

"No, this is... this is…" I stammered.

The prescient girl bailed me out by extending her hand in Kelly's general direction and shaking it. "Hi," she said.