The song "Tiny Dancer" is written by Elton John; everything else is very much mine.

Tiny Dancer

She sat quietly to one side and watched the couples on the dancefloor gently swaying to the music. The night-lights swirled around her and reflected off the water just outside the window. She sighed and continued to watch the dancers. They moved in perfect union; two bodies seem to meld into one.

A voice turned her attention from the dancefloor. A voice she knew well; a voice that she loved more than any other. The owner of the voice held out his hand and smiled at her, and her heart skipped a beat. She stood slowly and followed as he led the way onto a space on the dance floor. He turned to face his friend and she went to him. He put his arms around her for friendship; she embraced him with a love that he did not even know existed.

She felt his arms around her waist and she put her head upon his shoulder. As she did so, she realised something with such clarity that it seemed to sear a painful flame through her heart: She would probably never be this close to him again.

But then she let the pain go, and everything bad in the world seemed to just float away as they danced together to the music that united them. They moved in silence, he not knowing, or perhaps not understanding, the feelings of the girl in his arms...

"Hold me closer, tiny dancer

Count the headlights on the highway

Lay me down in sheets of linen

You had a busy day today..."

Round and round they slowly spun, until the girl was dizzy. Dizzy with happiness. She didn't know it at the time, but he was smiling a little over her shoulder as they danced.

But she knew it couldn't last forever. Slowly the music wound down and stopped. She pulled away from him and turned her head, suddenly afraid to look him in the face. And ever afterwards, she would always wonder what she would have seen if she had looked into his eyes at that moment. But after a few seconds where everything seemed to hang suspended in the air, like a raindrop before it falls, the moment was over, and now she would never know. She thanked him for the dance, and went to join her friends.

Much later that night, she left the dark room where everyone was sleeping and quietly stepped outside. She lay down on her back in the damp green grass and stared up at the sky. She watched as the glittering stars turned through the sky overhead, and all alone, she remembered.

"Hold me closer, tiny dancer..." she whispered into the night.

Eyes bled cold tears and she cried softly into the uncaring darkness.