Prelude to Pain

The captain of the guard tied a medallion around his son's neck, a scream was heard followed by the sounds of arrows piercing the sky. The medallion contain a small red gem on it.

The captain picked up his son and handed him to a young recruit that was next to him. "Run and don't you stop until you get to Red Falls."

"Sir, I am a soldier. I am here to fight, not run while m comrades die," said the new recruit.

"I am not ordering you to do this, I would never order that. Your honor is for you to decide. But I am begging you to take my son to Red Falls, I've already wrote a note to the garrison there," said the Captain as he held a letter. "I beg of you."

The recruit was concerned about the pitiful sight his captain was. "I'll take the boy." The sounds of fighting seem to come closer. "Don't expect me to forgive you though."

"I don't," said the Captain as he took off his ring and put it on the boy. "My son you are now heir to the House of Rok."

The boy just looked at his father, his eyes were like big brown saucers. A man roared in pain less then twenty yards away.
"Get out," roared the Captain as he ripped his sword free from the scabbard at his waist. "I can only buy you so much time."

The recruit ran out the door, followed by the captain. Where the recruit took a left the captain took a right.

"Honor," screamed Captain Rok as he jumped into the pitched battle.

"For Honor," cried the worn out defenders as pushed the line back. Arrows rained down claiming both friend and foes. Spears ripped into flesh and swords severed limbs. The taller dark haired defenders fought with destructive power, yet a sword couldn't be in ten places at once. They're out numbered ten to one.

The bodies of the small dark skinned invaders laid down in heaps around the captain. Captain Rok parried a speared just in time for a sword to pierce him in the side. With a scream he fell.

As he lay on the ground choking on his own blood he finally felt at peace. His son would be captured, his mind drifted for a little bit. Slowly he forgot what he was thinking about... he noticed fire raining down from the sky.

His faced turned blue. Oddly the he noticed a red star in the sky, what an odd color. Shouldn't the color be a normal color, he thought, surely there was a reason. What color was it supposed to be.

White... no, not white...