Is there such thing as vampires or werewolves? My mother would always tell me that there was no such thing. But I wasn't sure. I liked to get myself scared silly, and I loved having nightmares. So because of that, my mom thought I was nuts. But.I don't think that. Whenever I got scared, my mother would come in and say, "Well stop watching those horror movies, and watch the movies that your sister likes!" No way! There was no way I was going to watch a Chirpy Chipmunk movie with my sister! Oh! By the way my name is Erick, I'm twelve years old and am in Horton Middle School. My sister's name is Heather; she's seven years old. I like to play jokes on her. I like to stick toy bats in her bed at night when she is sleeping, but she always knows I do it. But, she still gets scared.

I have four friends named Jimmy, Alex, Jill, and Justin. Jimmy was my first friend. He is kind of a funny guy. He's twelve years old and goes to Horton. He loves to play tricks on people, and goof around at school dances. He even got thrown out once when he accidentally knocked over the D.J when he tripped over the speaker cord. It was kind of funny, but there was one problem. We were in the building! So we did what we had to do. We went outside with Jimmy, and walked home with him. But, Jimmy did learn his lesson. Which was really, "Don't goof off." But, Jimmy thought it was, "Stay away from speakers!"

Alex was my second friend. He is twelve and goes to Horton as well. He lives in a mansion with his father. He and his father are both architects. Alex is very good at building, drawing, and anything that involves being creative! Even though he and his father are famous, Alex is an ordinary kid just like us. I always thought he would be too cool for us. But, I liked him. And, I never thought he would become friends with Jimmy and I. Alex is a very interesting kid. He isn't very athletic.

Jill is a girl. She's twelve years old and also goes to Horton. She is very athletic and she can poll-vault like a bird flies over a rainbow! She was kind of shy when she first came to Clevent Town. But, Jimmy, Alex and I offered to be her friends. She was happy about it. I don't know why, but we were the only ones that like her. She was so athletic she beat everyone in races and all sports. I guess she was too good at things and people were jealous.

Justin really isn't considered a friend. Because he is my cousin and basically he lives with dad, mom, Heather, and I. He is a karate kid. He is a very strong black belt and can thrash apart an aluminum can with his fists! He has a kendo stick, because mom won't let him have a sword. She says that they are violent, and expensive. So he is waiting until he is eight-teen. He does have a soft side though. He cares about his friends and family. He likes to hang out with Jimmy, Alex, Jill, and I a lot. He is also very popular around school, but says he already has all the friends he ever needs.

Well, now I have introduced the main characters in this book. This suspenseful thriller provides a dose of Vampires, Werewolves, Murder, and friendship. In the book, witness how the characters to stay alive.