Our light can thrive in the darkness
Their shadows cast upon us.

You wrap your arms around my weary soul
And silver rivers of stars spill from my eyes.

Over head the clouds make way for the silver crescent moon;
Its glow creating a halo on the darkness that welcomes it.

From its throne in the sky it admires its glittering reflection
That shines on the lake beneath it.

You bring me even closer,
And breathe your gentle whispers into my heart.

My voice has been stolen,
By the winds that pass.

Over your shoulder, I can see our reflection on the lake,
With the moon's glimmer outlining our bodies.

A ripple runs through the still, black waters,
As the breeze floats over it.

I wished that I could touch the sky,
You promised me I would.

You bring your face closer to mine
And repeat your pledge to me.

Suddenly our feet lift off the ground
Your angel's wings help us swim through the sky.

We lay together in the crescent moon,
With a timeless bound of love.

Now my feet gently touch the ground,
As our faces move apart.

Your love for me is like a firefly,
Whose wings emit a gentle golden glow, just bright enough to carry me through.