The Prologue


The little boy laid awake on his bed, only eight-years-old, his teddy bear tucked tightly at his side. He didn't know what time it was, though he knew that it had to be late because of how dark it was outside, yet he wasn't tired even though he figured he ought to be. Instead, he was wide awake in fear, being as quiet as he could as not to wake the Bogie Man that was in his closet and the hungry shark that was under his bed.

Even though he knew he should be sleeping and would get in trouble if his mom and dad knew he was still awake so late, he figured that getting grounded by his parents was better than getting eaten by monsters and wild animals. So he kept his eyes as wide open as viably possible and remained as still and silent as he could.

A lot of time went by with the little boy doing as he was, he figured, before he heard a knock on the front door downstairs. Who would be visiting his family so late in the night? He didn't know and after a few seconds couldn't think of anyone, so he came to the decisive conclusion that it was vampires who wanted to suck his and his parents' blood. He knew he couldn't let that happen.

Building up enough courage to get out of bed, the little boy ran from his bed to his door as fast as he could and then opened the door and made his way to the top of the stairs, where he saw his mom and dad approaching the door, getting ready to open it.

"Mommy! Daddy!" he cried, shouting out to them. "Don't open the door - it's vampires and they want to suck our blood!"

The little boy's mom and dad stopped and looked back at him. With a look of motherly concern on her face, his mom told him, "Go back up to your room and stay there, no matter what. Whatever you do, just stay there."

"But..." he tried to protest, unable to really bring himself to argue with his mom. "But..."

"Go," his dad said with the stern yet loving voice he had come used to hearing. "Go and stay there. Now."

The little boy, always obeying his dad's commands, gave in and slowly made his way back to his room when he heard the door open and a voice he had heard before say, "Hello Sammy; Lisa. I take it the day treated you both well."

It took the little boy a few seconds before he realized whose voice he was hearing - it was a business partner of his dad's, Mr. Borella. Mr. Borella had visited their house a few times before, mostly to talk to his dad about money and how his mom was. Mr. Borella also always brought him a little present, mostly candy, though he was given a toy once, which helped him like his dad's business partner a lot more.

So, the little boy decided to go say hi to Mr. Borella and maybe get some candy or a toy, but when he got to the top of the stairs, he saw Mr. Borella and two other men he was sure he didn't know all holding guns aimed at his mom and dad. Were they playing a game? He didn't think they were, though he also didn't think they were being serious because they were all good friends.

However, all of these thoughts he had instantly vanished from his mind when he heard the multiple gunshots pierce through the somewhat silent air and saw his parents drop heavily to the floor.

"No! Mommy! Daddy! No!" the little boy cried out through tears and sobs, running down the stairs to his parents as fast as his little legs could take him, sleepiness finally taking over his entire being. "No!"

"Damn it, it's the brat," one of the men with Mr. Borella muttered as the three of them turned and left quickly, driving away in a car that's tires squealed loudly on the road as they took off.

Tired and sad, the little boy could find himself to do nothing but kneel on the floor between his parents and watch as they slowly died, moaning in pain; bleeding from numerous holes in their chests; and coughing out blood. "M-m-mommy... D-d-daddy..." he stuttered, slamming clenched fists onto the floor, his weak and tiny hands splashing in a puddle of blood. "No, please don't leave me... Please..."

And so he stayed in that very spot, watching as his parents died slowly before his eyes.