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Cassie and Jesse reached the small wooden shack on the hill that overlooked Dodge City, the town where Jesse lived.

"So why was that man after you?" he asked as they went inside.

"I was tracking a man," Cassie said. "And when I was in Virginia City, James comes up to me and takes me into his room. I didn't want to go but he forced me. Then he tried to rape me and kill me but then I got away and left for Johnsontown. Someone told me to come here to find the man I was tracking and I left as soon as my horse was rested."

"I'm sorry for slapping you before," Jesse said. He stroked the red cheek softly. "I was just angry at losing for the first time in my life, especially against a young woman like yourself."

"That's alright," Cassie replied. "It hurt more when James hit me."

"So, who is the man you are looking for?" Jesse asked.

"Thomas Lochlane," Cassie replied.

"That's my father!" Jesse exclaimed. "He's the mayor of Dodge City. Why are you tracking him?"

Cassie sighed. "Four years ago, when I was fifteen, Thomas Jackson killed all of my family apart from my older brother Jason and I. We were rounding up our cattle and Thomas didn't know we were there. When we came back and buried our family, we vowed to track the man down and kill him. We were in Jefferson City when Jason was killed in a quick draw duel. Now I'm on my own."

She looked at Jesse. In the poor light of the shack, his green eyes looked like the Mississippi waters and his tanned skin looked darker.

Cassie thought he was the most handsome man she had ever seen. Her heart beat furiously and she felt like she was floating.

"Shall we head back? I'm sure the sheriff would have put James in a cell by now."

Jesse's words cut through Cassie's mind and she nodded. They mounted up and went back to Dodge City.

"You are a very pretty young lady," Jesse told Cassie as they slowly made their way back. She blushed.

"Thank you," she said. "You're not that bad yourself."

"Do you want me to take you to see my father?" Jesse asked. "Just to make sure that he is in fact the murderer. I don't want to think the murderer is my father, even though it isn't very hard to believe that he wouldn't be a killer."

"Please do," Cassie replied. "Maybe if I can coax a confession out of him, then I will have my proof."

"He will fall for you straight away. I know he has a soft spot for women. Maybe if you pretend to fall in love with him and then after he confesses we could run away to another town and plan, then take your revenge on him."

"That would be good." The prospect of running away with Jesse was great for Cassie. Maybe he would fall in love with her. That would also be great. Wishful thinking, she told herself firmly.

Jesse stopped and looked at Cassie. She wasn't dressed like a lady. She was wearing tough pants of canvas and cowhide chaps, while a cotton shirt and a leather vest covered her torso.

"Do you have a dress?" he asked.

"Yes, there's one in one of my saddlebags," Cassie replied.

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